Phoenix Bicycles : Bike Graveyard

If you’ve never heard of Phoenix Bicycles and are living in or around Shanghai, then something must be wrong with your ears . . They can be considered the backbone of many things ‘ cycling ‘ in Shanghai, and China.

Phoenix Co. Ltd. originated from Shanghai Bicycle the Third Factory, which was created in May,1958.  The establishment of the Third Factory marks that the enterprise became joint state-private owned from privately owned, then transferred into publicly owned enterprise. The Third Factory bid farewell to yesterday and started its arduous hard-working process.

Since then the trademark Phoenix, one of the first top-ten well-known trademarks in China, has been registered in 104 countries.  Phoenix bicycle is the Chinese Nation’s special-supported export product.  When foreign leaders used to visit China, they were treated with a beautiful Phoenix bike as a welcoming gift !

However, with the new infiltration of Taiwanese bike companies into China, companies like Phoenix have slowly been shutting down shop and factories.  This means that there has been an excess amount of bikes not being sold . . And, well, they’ve got to go somewhere ! Meet the Phoenix Bicycles Graveyard : 620 Nong Quyang Lu.

Here’s a LINK to a map for anyone who wants to venture there themselves  . .

We took a trip there on Wednesday just to see what the local hype was all about . . Lugged forks for 3 RMB ?? Complete wheelsets for 30 RMB ?? Rooms full of new and old bikes ?? Yep, you’ve got it ! Check out the photos below, they’ll tell the rest of the story :

This is what the store looks like from the outside.  It’s hidden from the main road behind a large black fence.

The front door : Did we mention that this place is completely underground ??

At the bottom of the first staircase looking back up towards the front door.

Looking towards the maze of hallways and rooms.

Meet the boss !

Anybody need a fork ?

And so it begins . . rooms and rooms full of bikes !

O, and they even have trispoke wheels !!

  • jonlaurencic

    tell me you took those tri-spokes? they look like plastic though

  • Riaad

    amazing! is there a chance of getting some of those old classic frames and building them up into nice hipster french concession trolling bikes? we’ll make millions!

  • tdbowa

    didn’t take the tri-spokes since they were 650CC, and yes, made of plastic.

    hipster bikes ? you got it !

  • jon

    seems like shanghai is the perfect place to make one almighty frankenbike, cheap parts, loads of welding shops on the street. i might head up to this place next week.

  • Peter

    Interesting find. I wonder if there is a similar place in Beijing!

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  • Anthony Siracusa

    Sick! I’m heading there today!

  • Fumitake Cho

    Thanks for this post! I just went to the store today and bought an old style single-gear city bicycle (in postal worker green) for 500 RMB ~ when i was riding around Fudan University nearby i had numerous locals ask me where i bought it!

    Amazing shop … Bit of an adventure! Would definitely not have found this non-descript place without this post!

  • Chinanigel

    This is a great posting!
    I went there yesterday and bought myself a beautiful Phoenix 28 inch mans bike for rmb 458!
    My Chinese wife couldn’t believe I had got such a bargain and thought it might be fake! It isn’t!
    The telephone number is NOT the one shown on the advertising board, that’s a little old lady’s! You need to call 6554 4101.
    Anyway I rode it home to Pudong, via the ferry, and last night I rode to Carrefour with my wife sitting on the back, wonderfully romantic and much more fun than taking the car!

  • Phil

    Is this place this around – want to check it out…

  • Gdcast

    Hi, I´m restoring a man´s 28 and I need new decals I´m in SouthAmerica!!!! Please Help me!!!

  • Kevin Van Houten

    Living and teaching in Muscat Oman, their are many Phoenix bikes here, the manual labourers from India and Pakistan all ride them. In this dusty semi desert environment it is the only bicycle that can take the strain of the heat and the dust. Many of the bikes look to be quite old but they just keep going. For the price and quality of the bicycle it is certainly the best buy in Oman. By the way I am the proud owner of a 28″ bottle green bike, I ride it to work and back every day and the only problem is of course punctures. I’ve been cycling for well over 40 years now, and a more comfortable/reliable/value for money bicycle I have yet to find. Thank You Phoenix You Rock : )

  • Amelie Papin

    Awesome post! I went to the shop today and got a black Phoenix bike for 468 RMB (lady-style bike), I’m so happy! Thanks a lot! 

  • CarlosGranda

    Hey! I am about to buy a very old Phoenix and restore it and I would like to know the exact date of fabrication. Do you know somebody that could help me, maybe with the aide of some pics of the bike?

  • Tyler Bowa

    Hey Carlos, we can rebuild them at Factory Five! Swing by if you haven’t yet.

  • Paries127

    how much do you charge for restoring an old phoenix bike?

  • tdbowa

    complete bike runs 3,600RMB

  • Mel

    Good morning,
    Anybody know how much a 28″ heavy duty Phoenix is worth.
    It is used but has been garaged and is in pretty good condition. Early 1980s, a merchant marine buddy of my brought it back and I bought it off him

  • James Russell

    Just in case anybody still wants to know, I went there today, bought a black Huang Feng for 580 RMB. The place really is a graveyard. They didn’t have any China Post bikes, which is a shame because that’s what I really wanted.

  • azwad

    I have a phoenix for sale in london where would be a good place to sell this i want it to go to a good home

  • azwad

    where are you based?

  • Steve Mitchell

    Does anybody know a source for reproduction Phoenix Bicycles decals and head tube badges?

  • Malte

    Hey there!

    Today i found a blue “Phoenix” roadster without wheels and a broken fork. I would love to restore that bike but i think it will be hard to find a original fork for this bike. in the middle of this picture is exactly the fork that i’m looking for. Is it possible to contact the owner of this graveyard? If so, please let me know!

    Best regards, Malte (Germany, Hanover)