Fixie Friday [03/12/2010]

Fixie Friday is a weekly People’s Bike column posted at the end of every week.  Fixie Friday serves as a recap for all of the best fixed gear news from around the world.  Photos, videos, interviews, events : find it all in one big post !

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NEWSforMAR 07– MAR 14, 2010

Seeing as the title is ‘ Fixie Friday ‘, I really should have posted this on Friday . . But, the weather has been too nice in Shanghai for me to sit on a computer all day writing articles and responding to e-mails.  Unfortunately today the weather is back to sucking hard, so Fixie Friday is being posted today, Sunday.  And with that, let’s kick things off with the I Love My Bike Book : ” The book that we are creating is not about a singular style of bike or type of cycling, but rather about all of us in a grand kinship of bicycles. We want to capture the strength, will power, and grit as well as the creativity, sense of humor, and whimsy of riding a bike. ” Here are a few sample shots of Zach and Clay :



Traitor Cycles is a rider-owner bicycle manufacturer north of Seattle, WA that is dedicated to producing high quality steel bikes. From all weather bike commuters, racing cyclocross and fixed gears, Traitor Cycles sets out to create unique bikes that have a custom bike feel and a production bike value. They just finished releasing their new models, and they look fantastic ! I’d love to get my hands on one of those steel black frames . . Check out their work HERE.




Who doesn’t love buttons? And who doesn’t like making a statement? This isn’t political. I’m not here to tell you what kind of bike to ride. Because really…I don’t care as long as you’re on a bike. This is just a little reminder of where everyone came from. A much simpler time, one more about community. A time when people relied on each other for information rather than some blog or forum. A time when you didn’t have a choice…you rode a Track Bike because that is all there was. Order your buttons HERE, only 1US$ !


Ben Wilson is a 3D Industrial designer working with mass produced products and one off hand made commissions. His work has been extensively published and exhibited worldwide.  He also happens to really really like bikes.  Check out the photo below, pretty sweet stuff. You can view his website HERE.

Old Skool New Skool

H+Son finally dropped their new rims, ” EERO “.  Dam, they look great ! Available in black and a few other colors, you can buy yours HERE.


Don’t you wished your girlfriend looked and rode like this ? I do . . Hot Damn ! This girl is fantastic.  To view more photos, check out this Flickr Account and this Flickr Account.  Boom !


Didn’t get enough out of that last photo ? Then feast your eyes on the latest issue of Pretty Style, a Japanese Magazine for women.  Their latest release features a ton of excellent photos from Japanese girls in Osaka, Japan riding fixed gear bikes.  Awesome? Yep, I thought so.  Check out their blog HERE.




Ok, just ONE more post about girls and bikes . . I promise . . This photo is just that awesome.  New desktop picture anyone ?


Blue Lug and Heads teamed up to make a nice little belt holster for your U-Lock carrying needs.  Looks pretty good to me ! Grab yours today ? I know I’m placing my order . .


The following photo just basically describes the word ‘ WIN ‘ in every way possible : Beard, Bike Pile, and Toque.  Yes, a toque – that’s a winter hat for all you non-Canadian speaking people.


Ok, I totally lied . . There will be more photos of girls and fixed gears starting NOW! Gorilla Bikes has teamed up with Fixed Gear Girls Taiwan – and they are pumping out some stunning images.  View more of them HERE.


Remember those flat brimmed hats that all the cool kids used to wear ?  / Possibly still do ? The ones where you must leave the shiny stickers on to earn street credit ? Yeah, New Era made those .. And guess what ? They’ve started to make cycling caps too.  Not sure how I feel about these based on the photos, but I’d like to see one in person if I can .. New Era, send me a sample ? K, thanks.  More photos HERE.



Alright, let’s end things off with photos from a new bag that has been released :  the LARS x Bicycle NAVI cross backpack.  This thing looks AWESOME. Seriously Japan, you know what’s up.  Tokyo Life !!


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