190 Changle Lu

Do you like to look cool while you ride your bike ? Are you in need of a new messenger bag or a pair of Vans slip-ons ? Feeling that urge to dish out on the latest flash-track-jacket ? Then look no further ! Welcome to 190 Changle Lu, Shanghai . .

The entrance to 190 Changle Lu Underground Market

190 Changle Lu is THE underground market where all the cool-kids are shopping.  Essentially it’s an underground maze of independent retailers, all trying to make a dime off of the latest and greatest fashions.  You can find everything from Vans, to Element, to Manhattan Portage, to Incase, to Levis, to Adidias, to Nike, to Supreme, and just about everything in between.  Japanese imports, American imports, and all the goodies from Hong Kong !

We took a trip there this past weekend to scope out the goods.  The best part ? Everything is negotiable ! O how I love China !

Descending into a world full of great deals !

We’re constantly getting e-mails asking where you can buy a messenger bag, tight jeans, or cool shoes in Shanghai . . We’re not saying this is the end all be all of places, but it’s definitely a good place to start.  I mean hey, check out this super-flash track jacket.  It’s sure to make all of your friends jealous !

Sebastian, making all his friends jealous.

If you plan on going to check out the market, be sure to give yourself plenty of time.  There are so many shops, all completely crammed with stuff, that you’ve really got to take your time to look around.

Half-cab shoes !

Neon shoes !

Messenger bags !

See ? You’ve really really got to search through the piles of stuff.

Shark hats anyone ?

More shops . .

Kool-Aid shoes ?

More messenger bags !

Anyways, you get the idea . . Lots of stuff, great prices, and conveniently located in the French Concession !

  • nathan

    Did you notice the name of the store in the first picture? It’s called “O-face”. That’s got to be up there with ‘Starfucks’. Classic.

  • frankiefuck

    awesome if i ever come to china i wanna mash it up with you people