Shanghai’s 1st Bamboo Tricycle

Shanghai’s 1st Bamboo Tricycle

That’s right : Shanghai’s got a new ‘ best bike ‘ in town thanks to the one and only Chris Trees.  If you didn’t see the post from Chinese New Year, which included photos of the original framework for the amazing tricycle, then check those out HERE.

The frame is custom designed by Chris Trees himself (an engineer from England), and was hand built here in Shanghai.  The body work was also designed by Chris, and hand crafted out of the finest bamboo China has to offer.

The tricycle features 4 disc brakes, 8 gears, and can hold 2 regular sized people – or maybe 3 smaller people.  There’s a windshield, a removable canopy, and the bike passed it’s rain test with flying colours.  Chris also plans on building a cargo version, so stay tuned for that.

Expect to see more news on this amazing tricycle soon, as Chris is slowly taking the next step to push this design into full factory production.  So if this interests you at all, contact us and we can put two and two together.  For now enjoy these photos I took while we were out test driving the trike on Saturday !

  • dansummers

    That thing is awesome. How’re the losses on the rear brakes?

  • tdbowa

    Surprisingly, this bike stops on a dime . . It’s pretty dam amazing.

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  • Bruna Di Veroli


  • Benoit

    The fabulous modern look and great top notch equipment will give the old concept a big boost!

  • ben

    il est superbe !!!

  • Vincent

    Fantastic design. Outstanding look. More than a tricycle it is an art object.

  • Kris

    What a stopping power, waht is the frame made of?

  • JS

    Nice bicycle car…but send me those Girder Forks, ma shang!!!!


  • Bill

    I’m curious what a bike like this would sell for. Any idea what the selling price will be?

  • Tyler Bowa

    Bill, if you want more info just e-mail

  • Scarlett of Pigmentation Cream

    The bike is awesome, on the design part, economical on the idea, the thing is if it can stand daily use, but the wind shield and the woods finishing made it look so fragile…

  • Topical Nicotinamide Cream

    This is a good collectible, it’s nice to have this as a patio display, I could envision it facing the gazebo.

  • Skoda Servicing Coventry

    This mode of transportation is great to have when energy crisis is pending. Bikes are so awesome they make you fit without knowing it.