Shanghai Bike Convention: Fixed/SS

I know that this is what most of you are looking for anyway, so you’ll be glad to know that I got a lot of pictures of a lot of bikes. Despite the Chinese market waking up to the concept of Super Cool Urban Fixxter riding, almost all the bikes made by the upstarts were set up as free wheel singlespeed, although one was a coaster brake. There is deifnitely a pervasive aesthetic going through these things, but the number that were around that WEREN’T at the major companies was cool to see. Look out, speedcat/airwalk, cheap alternatives appear to be on the horizon. Let’s not kid ourselves here,  a LOT of these were heavy as shit.

Selling a lifestyle, despite not actually have any fixed gear bikes at this booth.

Bianchi. Great bikes. But what the FUCK is up with that stem?

Special props go to my favorite, “Jetson’s Bike.” There were actually four of ‘em, I guess Rosie has to pound pavement while the rest of the family rides around taking Astro for a walk.

Let’s look at this goofy-ass Tange!

You know what? You know what you’re looking at here. If you’ve got any questions about brands, I might have ‘em written down, put something in the comments.

  • Tommy

    can you actually purchase bikes there? or rather… would you?

  • Dan

    I’m actually unclear as to whether you could purchase bikes there. Some bikes had price tags on ‘em, but I don’t know if you’d walk in with a stack of cash and walk out with a new BMC. Didn’t see any cash registers, after all.

  • tdbowa

    That Tange frame looks great.

    The rest of the bike, I’m sunsure.

  • rick

    The stem on the Bianchi is called fuction over form.

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  • Pragya

    well…i wanna start to play that but i really dnt know how to and the group in SH…any suggestions??