Shanghai Bike Convention: China Famous Brands

The China Famous Brands, that is, Forever, Flying Pigeon and Phoenix (or 永久, 飞鸽, and 凤凰) all had their booths up and I, suprisingly enough, found myself impressed by all of them. It was good to see the bikes in pristine condition instead of the standard abused-like-orphans state that they’re seen in all over the city. Each offered both their classics and their modern day take on things, and I found it weird to see a tradeshow attitude coming from these companies whose bikes are so often just rusted out tools used day in, day out on the streets.

Forever blew me away with its cashing in on the youth, hip market. They’ve got models riding their pastel, hipster-esque bikes and doing things young people do, like smiling, jumping, wearing tight jeans and using computers. And, as if I couldn’t be any more impressed, they whipped out some crazy concept bikes from designskolen that looked like nothing that would ever, ever be seen on the streets of Shanghai.

Phoenix was comparatively vanilla, showing their standard models in multiple colors, as well as some of their newer, but very boring, models. The booth cheekily cribbed from Expo with the phrase, “Better Phoenix, better life.”

Flying Pigeon, although I’ve never been a fan of the style, have always had a certain majesty that I found impressive. Having one of those tank-like monstrosities in front of me just cemented the fact that, in my fantasy stable, I would probably have on.

Here, have a gallery of stuff: