Shanghai Bike Convention: Fun Stuff

You’re going to see goofy stuff at a bike convention, and you’re going to see goofy stuff in China. Combine the two, and of course you’ll end up with bikes with phrases like “Velocity of Light” and “Stylish” printed on the side, or a stretch of strollers labelled “Ningbo Elite Cycle Co.” Maybe you’ll see bikes cashing in on the fixed-gear cachet with geared bike systems. Or you’ll see some really impressive, really creative takes on bicycles, like ones made out of wood or pedal-at-hub systems. Or you’ll see some guy riding around on a unicycle telling you to take pictures of him.

Wooden bike: super rad.

Then there’s this wheelie bar that helped this guy wheelie all the way across the courtyard.

These guys were messing with this bike for upwards of two minutes. I guess they were trying to figure out how it could work without a chain or something.

Here are some more pictures. Oh boy!

  • tdbowa

    haha !

    this post just made my day :)

    wooden bike FTW !

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  • Kim

    Wheelie Bar, I had this idea but never persued it(patentwise) but did mention it on forums… anyone know more about this please let me know..I would love to know who made that in the pic.

  • Cooper Foster

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