Shanghai Pudong Antique Market

Shanghai Pudong Antique Market

H-O-L-Y-S-H-I-T !

What an incredible place coupled with an amazing ride !

Yesterday was easily the nicest day Shanghai has seen all year, so I took full advantage and decided to go explore Pudong – South of the Expo site.  I had heard some rumors about an antique market somewhere down there, but the only evidence I found was a short article posted on Smart Shanghai. Whatever, I jotted down the address and took off with Sebastian and Tu Nga for what ended up being one of the greatest visual overloads I have had in Shanghai to date.

Early morning drinks, nothing better.

We took the ferry near the Shanghai Fabric Market (close to the Nanpu Bridge) over into the Expo Site. There are over 20 ferry boat locations along the Huangpu River, so it’s real easy to cross into Pudong with your bike. Not to mention the ride is beautiful, and cheap ! ( There’s a complete listing of all the ferry terminals HERE )

One of the nice things about the Expo site is that is now completely empty – and full of restaurant joints that are hungry for your money. That means decent deals on food, drinks, and yes – coffee. We stumbled upon a small coffee shop, that was serving up delicious cups of Blue Mountain blend for under 40 RMB, a rare find in Shanghai. Unfortunately I don’t remember exactly where it is, so next time I’m over there I’ll hunt it down and edit this post.

After a quick break, we continued South towards the general area of the antique market. The problem we had was that the actual address of the market was never posted in the Smart Shanghai write-up, so it took a little over 1 hour of searching, phone calls between the general manager, and local advice to find it !

So, I’ll make it very clear right now and give you all the exact location :

1788 Ji Yang Lu, near Shangpu Lu. In Chinese that’s 1788济阳路 ! There you go. No more mistakes. (Smart Shanghai’s location was off by about 1.5 Kilometers)

And as a bonus, a photo of what the entrance looks like :

The entrance !

Anyways, time for the cool part : all the photos showing how incredibly awesome this market is. Let’s do this !

Sebastian standing in front of the first warehouse. A guardian.

Tu Nga’s bike resting against a pile of Chinese antiques.

Exploring !

Stacks of old chairs. Beautiful.

It just never ends . .

A splash of color !

A refinished cabinet. Stunning.

After searching for over an hour, we stumbled upon the best find of the day : A vintage DAWES bike, from around 1950.  It was hidden in the back, under a pile of junk as if it was never meant to be seen. It’s a simple 3 speed, lugged frame, and in beautiful shape. For those of you that don’t know about DAWES, check out their site HERE. What I want to know is how did this English bike end up in the back of a warehouse in China ? Regardless, it made for some beautiful photos :

Had to dust it off a bit, but you get the idea!

Hand Built. Gold to black fade.

Seriously fell in love with this bike. Too bad the asking price was 5,000 RMB.

In the end we left with 6 small Chinese sculptures, an insanely large tapestry, a 2 meter red bamboo ladder and a beautiful wooden trunk. All in all some great finds, and I can’t wait to go back !

I highly recommend this to anyone who loves antiques, exploring, history, shopping and especially cycling : since the ride down is peaceful (and through the Expo) and a great way to spend an afternoon.

Enjoy ! And I’d love to hear about your visits.

  • Bnatung

    Best Sunday ever indeed

  • Miss Amanda

    This is the best place ever to wander around!!!!!

  • karl

    no one bought the bike?

  • Mark Englehart Evans

    you BASTARD! We’d been keeping this place secret for years. you done ruined it.

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    mustache magic.

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    damn, I missed this! ridin’ this week?

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    dude, epic stachio.

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    Sorry gatekeeper Mark ! It’s better shared anyways.

  • John Solomon

    Thanks Tyler. Heading there today. You guys are quickly becoming the source of hidden gems in the city. Great work.

  • laura

    hey can anyone tell what time this place close?

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  • Carol

    in Hi guys, this is an unique find shanghai. unspoiled old furniture. I love Chinese antique furniture in their original state . Just left from northern china and is going down to southern china. I wish I have find your post a few days earlier. I will be back to visit this unique place in Pudong next year.

    thanks for the great tips…..I love it

  • AissiA Movac

    Hi! Thanks for the info, I’ll try not to ruin the secret this side of the world :) I’ve read in some articles that they send stuff home, do you know anything about it? I don’t know if they mean home in Shanghai or if the ship internationally. Thank you!!!