Drop The COG [July 10]

It’s hot here in Shanghai. I mean deadly hot – this past week it hit over 40 degrees celsius, and by my count that’s not ok.  Without the availability of good cheap swimming pools, or even space for cheap inflatable pools, it’s hard to enjoy spending time outside . . Even when you’re on a bike !

So here’s our solution for a fun outdoor event :

Drop The COG

Sounds cool, right ? Well it’s pretty straight forward. Chris Trees of MGT Engineering whipped up this game a few years back in France, and we’re going to start running it here in Shanghai – with a little bit of a twist. Basically, it’s a combination of slip n’ slide and shuffle board . .

One at a time, you’ll be strapped into a body harness that is attached to a super long bungee cord (like 50m or something). The bungee cord is then attached to a fixed cord that is pegged into the ground.  This pegged cord runs along the base of a super long piece of plastic sheeting.  The plastic sheeting is covered in water and soap, awesome. It’s up to you to run as far as you can along the sheet of plastic, and ‘ drop a bicycle cog ‘ as far as you can – before being whipped back through the water and soap by the bungee cord.  Yes, you can have a running start (by extending the bungee in the opposite direction). Yes, you will probably fall, and slide on your ass.

Sound fun ? I swear it’s not as complex as you think. Just look at the set-up :

So there you have it. Bring your own beer (or other drinks), sunscreen and your swimsuit – and get ready to slide ! We’ll have everything set up, so all you need to do is show up.

And hey, we may or may not set up a small jump for those of you that want to do some freestyle moves :

Just make sure you don’t end up like this :

  • Clu883r

    Sunscreen is for ginger only :P

  • Seb

    o.m.g. fuuuuuu i can’t believe i missed that

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