2011 Beijing Alleycat

I’ve been meaning to post this for a few days now, but trying to finish up the first issue of 48×15 Magazine has taken me by storm . .

For those of you that don’t know already, Beijing is hosting their 3rd alleycat in just under 2 weeks ! Thanks to Ines for sending me all of the info. Check it out below ! Who wants to go ??

  • Thursday Aug 18th

    22:30 – 00:00
    Speed Race around Olympic Forest (3 laps=19km)
    North 5th ring road, near North-East corner of the Olympic Forest

  • Saturday Aug 20th

    Chaoyang District

    After Lunch
    Chaoyang District

    BACKWARD Circles
    Chaoyang District

    Chaoyang District

    TRACK Stand
    Chaoyang District

    Early Evening
    Chaoyang District

    TRICK Contest
    Chaoyang District

    JisuPK Race
    Bar in Chaoyang District

    PARTY with PRIZE Ceremony
    Late Evening
    Bar in Chaoyang District


All participants need to sign up before the event (so that we can buy an insurance for you).

You can easily register online, or by sending an email to beijingfg@hotmail.com This e-mail address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it or call Maggie 15801497475 (Chinese).
You need to provide: First name, last name, email address, telephone number, current place of residence, Nationality, passport number, date of birth, gender and give us an idea of which of the competitions you want to participate in.

Detailed schedule and locations to be posted on August 10th!

But here are some general comments to the races and competitions:

Date: Thursday August 18th
Time: 22:30-00:00
Description: Speed Race around Olympic Forest (3 laps)
Requirements: Fixed gear bikes only, need to have lights (at least small ones), helmets are recommended, bringing lots of water is recommended
Meeting Point: Inside North 5th Ring road, near North-East corner of the Olympic Forest
Race Course: 3 full laps around the Olympic Forest.
Start: On the side of the 5th ring road in “scratch style”, all riders start together. Before the race each rider need to get a race number from the organizer and stick it on their body so it is clearly visible during the race.
Finish: At the North-East corner (same as starting point). First rider to finish the 3 laps wins.
Race Distance: 19 km
Prizes: For men and women will be handed out on August 20th during the fixed gear party
Cost: This event is free

Date: Saturday August 20th (Main Event)

Time: Morning
Event: ALLEYCAT Race
Description: Bicycle Messenger style race to different locations in the city
Requirements: Fixed gear bikes only, helmets are recommended, bringing bike repair tools and lots f water is recommended
Meet-up for sign-in and notice and race rule explanation
The manifests (maps with the race stations and empty space for stamping) will be handed out to the cyclists just before the start of the race. The people not living in Beijing will receive the manifests before the people living in Beijing
Meeting Point: Chaoyang District
Race Start: Bikes need to be places on the ground in a certain area. Racers gather in another area. A few minutes after the manifests are handed out, the cyclists that then need to run to their bikes
Race Location: Some undisclosed stamp points distributed in different places of Beijing as mentioned on the manifest (map with addresses in Chinese and English)
Activities: Cyclists can chose their own route, need to go to all the stamp points and achieve small games at some locations to get the stamp on their manifest. At some locations there might be a queue, so cyclists need to chose their route wisely
Race Finish: At end location. Cyclist that comes back first with all stamps on manifest wins
Prizes: Huge prizes
Cost: This event is free

Time: After Lunch
Description: Playing polo on bikes
Requirements: Any kind of bike can be used. People should group in teams of 3
Contest details: Two teams of 3 cyclists (any kind of bike is okay) play against each other on a court with a hockey ball. Each cyclist has a mallet (provided for use by Natooke) and tries to shoot the ball into the goal. To make a goal the ball has to be hit with the head of the mallet, for anything else the mallet can be used in any way. Beginners are also welcome
Location: Chaoyang District
Prizes: For teams
Cost: This event is free

Time: Afternoon
Requirements: None for the fun games, fixed gear bike for backward circle and skid curling
Location: Chaoyang District
BACKWARD CIRCLES Contest details: Who can do the most circles riding backwards wins. That can be seated or standing as long as you do not touch the ground with a foot.
SKID CURLING Contest details: Ending your skid in a predefined area gets more and more difficult as the start line moves closer to the “skid form here onwards” line.
FUN GAMES: We will have some other games that anybody can participate in. Just come out and have fun!
Prizes: Just for backward circle, not for the games
Cost: This event is free

Time: Evening
Event: TRACK STAND Contest, BUNNY HOP Contest, TRICK Contest
Requirements: Fixed gear bike
Location: Chaoyang District
TRACK STAND Contest details: Who can stay the longest on his/her bike without the bike moving or the feet touching the ground. Contest starts with all contestants on their bikes. The bikes are maximum allowed to move a quarter of a circle otherwise the contestant is out of the game. After 3 minutes first 1 hand must be removed from the bike and can at no time touch the bike. After 6 minutes the 2nd hand must be removed. From this moment on no hand is allowed to touch the bike. After 9 minutes 1 foot must be taken off the pedal and can be placed on the front wheel but cannot touch the pedal anymore otherwise the contestant is out of the game. After 12 minutes that foot has to be fully removed from the bike. If required after 15 minutes also the 2nd foot must be fully removed from the bike. The last person not touching the ground wins.
BUNNY HOP Contest details: The contestants need to jump over a pole without touching the pole. Each contestant has 2 tries to make it to the next level. Each level the pole is raised by 5cm. The person being able to bunny-hop over the highest pole wins.
TRICK Contest details: Each contestant has 2 min time to show their skills in doing tricks on or with their bike. The judges decide who will enter the final trick jam to decide on the winner. The person doing the most amazing tricks on the bike wins.
Prizes: For each contest
Cost: This event is free

Time: Late Evening (Open end!)
Event: JISU PK Race, Prize Ceremony & Fixed Gear PARTY
Requirements: None. Anybody can join and have a good time
JISU PK Race Details: 2 people sitting on stationary bikes (set up) pedaling as fast as possible for only 30 sec – it is fun activity. People can come up and race again to improve their time. the fastest wins.
Location: Bar in Chaoyang District
Prizes: For men and women
Cost: This event is free

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