Handle Bar – Shanghai’s New Bike Bar

Handle Bar – Shanghai’s New Bike Bar

You read correctly, Shanghai’s got a new bike bar! Everyone, meet Handle Bar – located at 50 Yongkang Lu. It’s the passion child of Charles Liao, who some of you may or may not know already. He loves bikes, and he loves beers – the concept is simple and all the decorations and finishing touches are inspired by bicycles.

We did a featured interview in Volume 003 of 48×15 Magazine, which you can read by flipping to page 35 (you can read it online HERE). This morning Drew, Jeff and myself swung past to drop off one of our F5 builds (which will be on display, and for sale), some magazines and talk about the bike community. We’re really excited to do some future events with Handle Bar.

Anyways, they’re having a big opening this weekend (even though the place won’t be entirely finished) and have some pretty good deals. Check this out :

And of course, a few preview shots of the bar itself :

That’s enough of a teaser for now – once the place is fully finished I’ll return and snap some nicer shots, but you get the idea.

Oh, and of course, a little shameless self promotion – I did their logo design! Awesome. Check it out:

There you have it. I’ll be there on Sunday downing a few beers after my planned morning rid with Nick Peden, so drop by and say hi!

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  • Charles

    Thanks everyone for all the support and patronage so far! Today marks one week since cracking our doors and I’m proud to say that we’re 99% there!

    We’ve rolled out our happy hour officially: 30 kuai Stella and 40 kuai Chimay from open until 8 PM EVERYDAY, plus some upcoming drink deals on our big ass 650 ML concoctions. Come by for a cold one!