Baijiu Cocktails

Baijiu Cocktails

Baijiu Cocktails – two words that are usually kept further apart than Ike and Tina.  China’s prized “White Spirit” is known for it’s distinct, unmaskable flavour, and aromatic power equivalent to 100 semesters of super sweet awesome frat boy nacho farts.  I know you’ve got the same “can’t polish a turd” attitude about those polar opposite words that I had when we started this little project.  It’s our goal, and my pickled pleasure to bring you a few options when imbibing the liquid glue that connects China’s humblest peasants to the highest of socialites.

For those who are new or unfamiliar to the Baijiu scene, it is a distilled liquor that varies from 40% to 60%.  It’s usually consumed on it’s own, or during a meal at room temperature or slightly warmer and can be described most appropriately as an acquired taste. It becomes a crutch for party heavy foreigners because most of it is cheaper than the chasers we’d buy back home, but can make Friday night even more painful than Rebecca Black.

Here’s our approach – we spun some of the most classic cocktails we could think of and served them up at the Factory 5 re-launch party for all the guests.  Some were loved, some were hated, but all were drank with good cheer, good friends, and a few funny faces.  We’re going to give you our super secret recipes, as well as reviews from varying levels of sobriety.

Baijiu Colada

1 oz Baijiu

2 oz Pineapple Juice

2 oz Vanilla Soda

This Chinese spin on the official beverage of Puerto Rico could have caused a national incident had there been any San Juan natives in attendance.  We swapped the traditional cream of coconut for vanilla soda because it was doing some wonky science experiment transformations when it was trapped in the glass with our mediocre baijiu.  Well generally well received, it’s most popular description was “Not great, but better than some of the others”.  The pineapple and vanilla do a pretty good tag team of masking the punch in the palette flavour of the baijiu.


1 oz Baijiu

1 oz Triple Sec or Cointreau

2 oz Cranberry Juice

1 oz LIme Juice

If someone told me this was the original recipe that Sarah Jessica Parker drank on Sex and the City I wouldn’t be surprised.  We saw a lot of twisted, contorted and just down right ugly faces after curious first sips.  It created a sort of sweet and sour starter from the lime and Triple Sec, but was then flooded with a wave of hard booze soaked cranberry wave.  Some questioned if our Ocean Spray had come from BP tainted waters.  We don’t recommend ever mixing Baijiu with another liquor or liqueur, with the gravity we don’t recommend ever crossing the streams of your proton pack.

Sex on the Baich

2 oz Baijiu

2 oz Orange Juice

2 oz Cranberry Juice

1 oz White Beer (Seriously)

This monster of a cocktail was by far the clear winner of the pack.  It’s the kind you could drop in the ring with another cocktail in the back of a taqueria and throw down 1000 pesos without batting an eye. We originally had it with just baijiu, orange and cranberry, but was taken to the next level with a splash of white beer.  Our white beer of choice was Vedett since there were tubs of it on hand.  For whatever magical reason the hint of citrus, enjoyably bitter finish and dollop of carbonation took the Sex on the Baich from just a sandy bathing suit area to an all out coastal coitus spectacular.


1oz Baijiu

2oz Orange Juice

If you’ve never seen your grandfather cry, taking a sip of a screwbaiver is a close emotional comparison.  I know that in the past it’s proven advantageous for a select few to hang out near radio active waste sites or ingest volatile chemicals, but I don’t think any of the party guests left with the super powers they felt they deserved after putting this in their mouth and living to tell about it.