The Daily Grind: Factory Five

The Daily Grind: Factory Five
  • Hollander

    I like what Factory 5 are producing but I don’t see the point of this video… There should have been more bike production and less riding. For one the scenes could have been shot in any generic city…

  • Tyler Bowa

    Great to hear some feedback. Personally, I think the video is great – it’s pretty easy to tell it was shot in Shanghai, and the video is more about the vibe that Factory Five gives off in support of the community.

  • Nick Peden

    My only complaint is the lack of a Brother frame in the video ;) ! Well done Charles and F5 team. I defo recognize Shanghai in this, and would much rather see a video about riding rather than building.

    For a good video on a builder, check out HBTV’s clip about Rick Feather Got my F5 alum. Now want a Feather!