Beer Bash: Pajama Bash

Beer Bash: Pajama Bash

We love Chinese pajamas. They’re comfortable, pretty cheap and are an acceptable form of dress wear anywhere, anytime. So grab yourself a pair of jammies and join us on Friday September 14th for what will likely be one of the most entertaining beer bashes to date. Don’t know what a beer bash is? Read below:

BEER BASH is a group event that involves your favorite beers and bicycles.Β Β As a group we will ride around the city, hunting down our convenient chain store of choice.Β Β For the Pajama Bash event we will be stopping at Family Marts.Β Β The way that Beer Bash works is that each time a Family Mart is found, everyone must stop at the store and consume a can of beer (of their choice) within 10 minutes.Β Β This continues throughout the afternoon and across the city until the group decides they can ride no more !

Here are the details in short :

What ? Pajama Bash (Bring your own pajamas!)

When ? Friday September 14, 2012

Where ? Meet atΒ Factory Five, 876 Jiangsu Lu, Building E

Time ? 8:00pm

Who ? Anyone and everyone is welcome ! Bring your friends !

We’ll be rocking our golden silk pajamas in style and can’t wait to see yours!

For even more info on Beer Bashes check out this article from 48×15 Magazine :

* Please note that proper safety should be taken into consideration when riding through the city : Helmets are advised, but not necessary *

See you all on the 14th!