Bike Polo is played bi-monthly outside the Shanghai Indoor Stadium on the corner of Ling Ling and Cao Xi roads on Saturday afternoons.

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We currently play two types of polo games, here are the rules:

Team Polo

1. In team polo a game is played by two teams composed of three players each (six players total)
2. The object of the game is to score a goal by hitting the ball in between two cones using only the tip of the mallet (“Shuffling”, or hitting the ball using the side of the mallet is allowed at anytime during game play but a ball shuffled into the goal does not count).

3. Play begins with the ball positioned in the center of the court with each team on the opposite ends of the court behind the goal lines. On the count of 3, play begins.
4. Players must not put their feet on the ground at any time during play. If their foot is placed on the ground, they must ‘tap out’
5. To tap out, a player must immediately:

- Stop play (they may not strike the ball with a foot on the ground)
- Get out of the way of other players (the goal may not be blocked with a foot on the ground)
- Ride over to a specified tap out zone

Player tapping out in order to return to play

6. After tapping out, the player may immediately return to play

7. Play continues until a team scores a goal, at which point possession of the ball goes to the other team; play only resumes until the team crosses the center line with the ball.
8. The team to score a total of five points first wins the game


Solo Polo

A match of ‘solo polo’ is similar to regular polo except there are no teams; everyone plays against all other players. A game commences with the ball in the centre of the court. Players must be positioned behind the goal posts on a side of their choice. On the count of three, play begins. When a player takes possession of the ball, they must score in the goal opposite to where they gained possession of the ball. For example, if the ball is picked up near the goal on one side, the player can only score in the goal on the other side of the court. If the ball is possessed in the middle of the court, the player may choose to score in either goal. The first player to score a total of five goals wins the game.

Rules by Chris, Mike and Karl