How To Dress For The Cold

When the temperatures are skirting zero it means that for those of us that commute by bike, it’s time to start bundling up. One of the great things about China is that you can get most staple items for remarkably cheap, which makes layering on the fly nice ‘n’ easy. Another great thing about China is that everyone delivers, so you can be as lazy as you want and have all the great stuff come to you.

*Written by Dan Summers*


Balaclavas are nice, because they fit under a helmet, even if you do look like a terrorist/SWAT team member.…..9%CF%BA%A3

Wool cycle caps, if you can get them, are also a nice option, especially if you’re like me and favor that hipster je ne sais quois.

If you’re averse to wearing a helmet, just wear any old beanie/toque you’ve got.
If you go for a hat, don’t forget your face! Bandannas work well, but you can also wear those facemasks that everybody else has:…..9%CF%BA%A3 Gotta cop the one that looks like a baby bear.

Of course, who wouldn’t want to go out with one of these on:…..l?cm_cat=0


If it’s getting cold, layer up. Otherwise, bonking will be doubly painful. That cold sweat feels way colder than it has any right to do.Uniqlo’s got that heattech stuff that’s supposed to be pretty good:…..q=heattech

I’m almost certain you can find some silk unders for pretty cheap most places you go, but like everything, taobao:…..9%CF%BA%A3



Here are some (mostly) full finger gloves, for when the short one’s don’t cut it anymore:…..A%D6%CC%D7

If you want to crib Gus’s “gotta do the dishes” look for maximum wind blockage, go for some neoprene gloves:…..9%CF%BA%A3

* Note* – People’s Bike approves the method of ”dish” gloves and cutoff riding gloves combo – *Note*

I’ve been on the search for some 两用手套, and hey, taobao’s got ‘em!…..3300:20144


You can never have too many socks. Well, until you wear so many socks that you can’t put your shoes on, at least. Forego the whole issue and get solid wool socks (they’ll do well in the wet) and make sure your shoes don’t have gaping airvents into them, like on trainers/sneakers/running shoes, or your old favorites where you can see your big toe wiggle at you.Doubling up on regular socks won’t kill you, buy cycling socks look better:…..9%CF%BA%A3


Sure, it makes you feel better, but you’re better off not drinking. But fuck it, you’ve got so many clothes on you might as well take a coupla snorts:…..p;search=y

Nice. Now you can survive winter without ever leaving your home. Remember, when you actually DO step outside, if you’re not cold, you’ll be burning up when you start riding hard. Dress accordingly.