Polo Wheel Covers

With the growing competition level between competitors in the various Chinese bike polo leagues, we figured it’s about time to step up our game. over the past week i have seen some pretty serious injuries to both people and bikes. we’re talking busted knees and elbows, broken spokes, and the occasional destroyed rim.

i like to think that wheel (disc) covers could have helped prevent a lot of these injuries. they help eliminate unwanted damage to your rims and spokes, as well as prevent the possibility of mallet through spoke collisions. so why not build yourself a few disc covers; it could save your bike, and your body. here is what you will need :

1. a sheet of either corrugated plastic or cardboard, big enough to cover your wheel
2. an exacto blade / box cutter / pair of scissors
3. a pen
4. zip ties !
5. a small drill / nail / corkscrew

follow the steps below, and in a quick 15 minutes you should have yourself a sweet and effective wheel cover ! enjoy.

1. remove your wheel from your bike, and trace the interior rim onto your sheet of cardboard or plastic.


2. cut out your trace, and be sure to cut out a 2 inch hole in the middle to allow for your hub connection.


3. tag your wheel cover with your favourite design before you start to attach it to your rim.


4. puncture holes about 1.5 inches apart, 2 inches from the edge


5. using zip ties, securely attach the wheel cover to your spokes. be sure to put on ALL of the zip ties loosely at first, and then tighten them ALL gradually – this ensures an even balance when tightening the zip ties – no wrinkles in your wheel cover !


6. repeat the same process for the other side of your wheel, and you’re finished !