Roads Worth Riding

Do you love riding in Shanghai ? Unsure where to ride ? Look no further !

Below is an ever-growing list of ‘ Roads worth Riding ‘ in Shanghai. Dodging through traffic, blitzing through the open stretches, and abusing the smooth surface of the road . . It really doesn’t get any better than that !

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1. Wuning Lu ( between Wulumuqi Lu and Changning Lu)

This is a personal favorite for many riders in Shanghai . . It’s got everything most people are looking for : REALLY wide bike and car lanes, a constant flow of traffic that is uninterrupted by traffic lights, a nice supply of daylight that actually breaks through the buildings, and the roads feel like butter . . If you like to mash hard, push your cadence to the maximum, and skid for meters and meters, then this road is for you !

2. Huaihai Lu (between Shanxi Nan Lu and Puan Lu)

No bike lanes, tight car lanes, but a whole lot of speed and distance . . Huaihai Lu is a personal close second favorite for riding in Shanghai. There is a beautiful breeze that flows straight off of the Huangpu River, right down central Huaihai Lu. With pedestrian walkways over-head, a full row of trees on either side of the road, and newly renovated roads Huaihai Lu is great for anyone that has the guts to play in traffic at full speed. However, don’t expect any authority figures or traffic guards to be happy you’re riding here . . Just make sure you’re moving with the flow of traffic (which is pretty quick) so that they really can’t say a thing !

3. Suzhou Lu (between Kanding Lu and Xinzha Lu)

This street is small, but worth the ride. With the slickest roads in the city (made of marble), no cars, and located on the Suzhou River, Suzhou Lu is not only picturesque but a great ride for anyone ! Take your time on this road as you pass underneath a few small bridges, and take advantage of all the public seating available beneath the trees alongside the river’s edge. Great for a Sunday morning ride !

4. Haining Lu / Jiujiazui Lu (between Wusong Lu and Dalian Lu)

Located a little bit North of the Bund, Haining Lu and Jiujiazui Lu has some of the widest bike lanes and car lanes in the city. The roads have recently been refinished, and the sun just seems to pour onto the road all day. If you want to ride fast, you can ! If you want to ride slow, you can too ! As you power over a few bridges, take in the sights of the Huangpu River skyline . . This road is a definite must ride for anyone who owns a bike. Take some time and climb up to the top of the pedestrian walkways – the views are great !