Weekly Events

All events listed below are subject to cancellation or change due to weather conditions or other factors such as public holidays. On days of heavy rain, events will be canceled. When there is a light drizzle, events may still be held so please contact the organizer of the event to confirm. We send out e-mails before every event to confirm so please subscribe to the mailing list by contacting newsletter@peoplesbike.com.

Event: Mash ShanghaiWho: Experienced Riders

Organizer: Tyler Bowa

Contact: 159 2118 4867


For the evening night ride, Mash Shanghai, we meet at various locations from week to week and then ride throughout the city.The ride is meant for riders who like to ride fast, through traffic, and aren’t afraid to push new boundaries.  Depending on the turnout, we use radios to stay in touch with each other on the ride.

For more information and meeting locations, please e-mail Tyler.

Event: Group Night Ride ShanghaiWho: Everyone

Organizer: Tyler Bowa

Phone: 159 2118 4867


For the group evening rides we meet out front of Factory Five. We leave at 9:00pm sharp so don’t be late! The group evening rides are a more casual ride compared to the mash rides and vary from between 1 – 2 hours and can be along the Suzhou creek or to Pudong or to any other destination depending on how everyone feels on the night.At the end of the ride, we usually roll up to a local drinking hole or the rooftop of one of our organizers for a well earned beer. Most group rides take place on Tuesday nights, but just to be sure follow us on twitter to get the latest updates!

Safety notes: Please always give way to cars and stay on the right of the road. Blocking cars can lead to road rage and hostility towards the group as a whole. Indicate your intentions early to avoid confusion with other riders and road users. It is highly recommended that you mount a white flashing light on the front of your bike and a red flashing light on the back (this also helps riders locate the group if they get lost or miss a light at an intersection.

Event: Shanghai Bike PoloWho: Everyone

Organizer: Tyler Bowa

Phone: 159 2118 4867


*Saturday Polo Sessions are now being run every-other Saturday*For our infamous Saturday polo sessions, we meet at the empty carpark on the corner of Caoxi and Lingling roads, behind the ice skating rink (we used to meet around 1:00pm but due to the overwhelming heat during the summer season we have changed the start time to 5:00pm).

Our Saturday polo sessions are the most popular and draw all sorts of people who are looking to enjoy a relaxing Saturday afternoon with good company and a beer or two!

We run competitive, casual and beginner games and everyone is welcome to join in! Any type of bicycle is welcomed and if you don’t own a bike but want to give it a try, there are many people who are more than happy to lend you their bicycle. Families or others who are not interested in playing are also most welcome, spectating a bike polo match is very exciting!

Some of the other happenings from our Saturday polo days include barbecues, our boom box playing all flavors of music, intense games of Chinese hacky sack and a regular pile of fresh ice donated by the ice skating rink for keeping our beverages cold!

Event: Weekend Ride ShanghaiWho: Intermediate

Organizer: Tyler Bowa

Phone: 159 2118 4867


On Sundays we organize all day rides for our intermediate riders.We usually meet somewhere that we can start off with a big breakfast. We then set off for the ride which so far has included trips past the Pudong airport (pictured above), Qingpu district, Chongming Island and Suzhou. Total distances range from 90km – 150km depending on the chosen destination for the day.All types of riders are most welcome but you will need to have some experience in long distance riding. At the bare minimum, riders must bring one spare inner tube and have a means of carrying water within easy reach. We ride in a group between 2 to 5 people so each trip is organized in person.

Please contact Tyler if you are interested in joining this Sunday’s ride.

We seek to promote the idea that cycling is not merely a form of transportation, but also an exciting activity and a tool of cultural exchange. There is no better way to explore and discover a country’s true interior than by bicycle. We hope to expand on an already growing network of cycling enthusiasts throughout China through direct contact, mutual interaction, and, of course, bike rides. We hope to present to the community not only places, but to also uncover the genuine culture of an area and its people.