Another Beer Bash Video!

Our dear friend Laura put together this compilation video of this past weekend’s beerbash! I hope everyone has recovered. Happy Holidays!

Santa Hat Beer Bash! from Laura Imkamp on Vimeo.

Holiday Beer Bash, December 17, 2011.
Shanghai, China

Organized by Factory 5.

Shot + Edited by Laura Imkamp
Music by Mavis Staples [Christmas Vacation]

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Bike safely.

F5 Winter Cycling Caps

Winter’s here and you probably want to keep your head warm. Toques (beanies for you non-Canadians) can be bulky and don’t usually fit under a helmet, and you likely want something that makes you look cool too.

We’ve made our first batch of cycling caps, completely hand stiched and available in various sizes. There’s only 5 runs of each model (we want to keep the designs fresh), so if you see something that you like be sure to send us an e-mail or drop by the shop! All cycling caps are only 150RMB!

Factory Five Seconds

We’ve got a bunch of pre-loved components available in the workshop. Here’s a list. Drop us an email at if you’re interested or swing by to take a look.

Current components:

25.4mm double-pin seatposts; ¥40
Pink and Blue saddles; ¥40
BMX pedals and straps; ¥300
Drop racing bars + stem; ¥300
Shimano Bottom Bracket; ¥30
Straight Risers; ¥40
Black BMX risers, purple grips + stem; ¥200
Silver BMX risers, black grips; ¥100
Helmets; ¥100
Various wheels; ¥200-400

Custom Wallpaper

Custom things are cool, especially wallpaper. Alex Mok was nice enough to draw this design for us, and our good friends at Curious Wallace were even nicer to have it made and installed. They’re a new high-end wallcoverings specialist and this and other paper is for sale… so if you like what you see below then shoot us an e-mail and we’ll put you in touch.