TYK 2012 Calendars!

Happy CNY Shanghai! We’d like to thank anyone who has spent the time to read about what we’re up to, bought a bike from us, or simply swings by our shop to hang out. Our friend Alexis Finch was nice enough to send us a big parcel of Thought You Knew 2012 calendars, so come pick up your free copy now!

We’ll be closed from Friday the 20th to Monday the 23rd, and back open on the 24th for the duration of the New Year. If you’re in town, drop by! Happy New Year!

Custom Frame Painting

It seems that more and more riders in Shanghai are wanting their frames custom painted. We’re here to help!

Just this past weekend we finished another 4 frames. The pictures below are of Ludwig’s frame – he brought us a Taiwanese lugged frame that had already been chromed, and wanted a very metallic finish with a blue similar to the one used on the Cannondale Track frame. It turned out great!