May-Holiday Hours

It’s the may holiday. Here are our opening hours.

Monday 29th: Open

Tuesday 30th: Open: Night ride at 18h30!

Wednesday 1st: Open

From then on: Open

Tomorrow’s night ride will be on! We’ll roll at an earlier time and grab some food after. We’ll send the newsletter out to confirm.

If you’re ordering online, please note that we may need to wait until thursday to get your items out of the door.

Cruising Lake Taihu

70 million years ago a meteor hit China 100km west of where the world’s largest city would be.

It filled with water, got connected to Beijing by the world’s longest man-made canal and then pumped almost entirely full of the byproducts of industrial progress.

Tai Lake is a huge, almost superlatively huge with the promise of lazy islands, expanses of water and country life… and a surrounding population of 30 million people.

With Mission Workshop and John Prolly in town on our Yangtze Delta tour, we continued the trip over from Suzhou, having rolled there from Shanghai a couple days before.

The approach from Suzhou is 40km of straight, suburban roads and towering malls. Light industry kicks in before reaching the lake and becomes almost steampunk wild-west through a barren and dusty town. We popped out onto the water’s edge next to a huge, static waterwheel.

Along the side of the lake and things take a turn for the better. We slipped around to the shoulder-less and slightly hairy bridges and burst onto the XiShan island with a wild huger.

After rolling the island’s mostly flat circumference, we hit gold and thanks to a very well-connected member of the group managed to get up the normally foot-traffic-only Xishan Mountain for some wonderful views across the water and empty rolling twists through the tea groves.

Here’s the route we took from Suzhou, around XiShan island and off to our Resort hotel for a much needed dip in the hot springs.

An incredible Nagasawa Special

This Nagasawa Special is absolutely stunning and a strong contended for F5 (if not China) bike of the year. Stace sourced the full decal set and the repaint in grey/white is perfect. Here’s how it looked before. We’re so jealous. Everything about Nagasawa’s NJS frames is wonderful and they’re a pleasure to build. These kind of bikes don’t come through our workshop often.

  • Nagasawa NJS track frame
  • Phil Wood hubs
  • H Plus Son TB14 hard ano rims
  • Nitto Jaguar NJS 100 stem
  • Nitto B123AA
  • Hatta Swan Deluxe NJS headset
  • Nitto NJS seatpost
  • MKS Custom Nuevo NJS pedals
  • MKS NJS clips
  • MKS Alpha Fit Sports NJS straps
  • Sugino 75 NJS bottom bracket
  • Sugino 75 NJS crank
  • Sugino Zen Racing NJS chainring
  • Dura Ace NJS cog and lock ring
  • Kashimax Nagasawa Limited Edition Saddle
  • Izumi Super Toughness NJS chain

Inter-city rolling to Suzhou

Between Shanghai and Suzhou stretches 100km of industry, urban sprawl and construction. One city has barely ended before the next begins – the peripheries of each merge in a mash-up of big empty roads and too-fresh tarmac.

It is here where China’s greatest infrastructural achievements interlock in a cloud of sparks and steam. When Mission Workshop asked for an introduction to China we knew riding to Suzhou needed to be on the list.

After a couple days of acclimatising with us in Shanghai, we threw our heavy kit in a van, donned face-masks and set out west through Putuo, Anting, Kunshan and finally the lofty glass offices of downtown Suzhou. Six hours after leaving we arrived to Old Suzhou’s placid cobbles.

One puncture, two track bikes and three cross riders buzzing on having scaled the belly and slipped down the back of the world’s largest city. This was not an achievement of altitude (90m over 110km) or speed (25km/h average) but of taking a ride through a culture shock country

We’d rolled past neon rivers, motorway-side apiaries, fist sized strawberries, luxury car lots, playing card factories and busy humans from horizon to horizon.

Sat with a bottle of Snow Beer on the walls of the old-town and we chuckled. These guys were in for a wild ride. Here’s a couple shots from the journey – and the rest on our flickr stream.

The last couple weeks. Oh man.

We had an absolute blast with Mission Workshop and John Prolly over the last couple of weeks. From smashing it 110km to Suzhou through a constant stream of industry and construction, to sneaking onto closed roads to shoot a commercial on the islands of Taihu, to booming down bamboo forest paths in Moganshan… and the night rides in-between where hundreds of riders came to show us around their city… we gave a taste of the way we live here in the world’s biggest superpower.

Here’s a link to Mission Workshop’s photostream of the tour. We’ll be posting more of our own photos when we’ve fully recovered from last saturday’s send-off party. It was huge. Thanks for coming.

Mission Workshop Party – here!

We just spent the last week touring the Yangtze Delta with Mission Workshop & PinP and it has been a total blast. We’ve rolled Suzhou, Taihu, Jiaxing, Moganshan and Hangzhou – with some awesome stories along the way.

Nothing comes close to Shanghai though, so to celebrate we’re throwing a party with them in the Factory Five studio… tomorrow from 19h00 onwards.

Loads of free beer, Mission Workshop goodies to win, a photo exhibition of the tour by John Prolly and music by Tzusing from Stockholm Syndrome.

As with all things Factory Five there’ll be fixed-gear bike porn all over the place and laughs all round. Come over and meet the team and let the good times roll. Usual place: 876 Jiangsu Lu (near Huashan) – building 5.

Mission Workshop Party this Saturday at F5

We spent the last week showing Mission Workshop and Prolly is not Probably around Shanghai, Suzhou, Taihu, Jiaxing, Moganshan and Hangzhou and to wrap things up they’re throwing a party this saturday (6th April) in our warehouse next door. There’ll be a photo exhibition of John Prolly’s images from the tour, videos, MW bag showcases (and chances to WIN), plenty of giveaways (if they clear customs!) and a chance to meet the whole crew and hear their impression of riding 1,000km across the Yangtze delta. Also we’ve music by Tzusing from Stockhold Syndrome and FREE BEER. Head over here to Factory Five this saturday starting at 7pm. See you then.