Urban Cycling in Shanghai

Our friend Andie put together this short video about what it’s like to ride track bikes in Shanghai, how they are perceived and who are the key players. Have a watch! Drew, Tyler and MMC shed some light on the subject.

Brands We Roll: H Plus Son

If you missed last week’s introduction to ‘Brands We Roll’ then you can check it out HERE. This week we’re excited to be pushing one of our longest running friendships and truly some of the best products we’ve had our hands on, H Plus Son. Like last week you can follow us on your favorite social media platform (yep we’re on all of them) for products posts, videos and everything about the brand.

For years, H+Son have been perfecting the bicycle rim. We have arrived. Their family of rims is out of this world and unrivaled in terms of performance and cost. Aesthetically they’re beautiful. From the undetectable seams on the Formation Face to the eyelets of the TB-14, this is precision engineering. The Archetype, with it’s unique semi-deep pointed profile, is a particular example of pushing the performance envelope. All rims come in a variety of colours, diameters and all standard hole lacing patterns for road, track, mountain and endurance.

The Ningbo Alleycat

This weekend is one of the coolest Alleycats in China.

It starts at 6pm on Saturday 29th, so will be a night time dash stopping at a heap of checkpoints all over the city. There’s free Tiger beer for all riders and a big-ass BBQ to tuck into pre and post ride.

See decapodriders.com/ningboalleycat/ for more information on the schedule and how to register.

There’ll be a group heading down on fridayand probably one on saturday. Let us know if you’re going.

The ride is on.

You may know us as Factory Five. You may know us as those guys who do the night ride every week. You may even know us from Shanghai TV as ‘the group of people who spontaneously show up at 876 Jiangsu Rd on Tuesday nights at 9pm and go for a ride’. Whatever. We don’t need them to say our name. We are the night riders. We slip through Shanghai one slice at a time until the cake is ours. It’s ours tonight. Join us, have your cake and eat it with us. Bring your cake-lights and your cake-helmet and be ready to ride in bursts from 9pm. We’ll be waiting. We’ll be asking you for no money. Just bring your street smarts and some pocket change for drinks at the stop. So, the ride is on. Unless it rains. Then the ride is off. Only god knows today because weatherunderground.com ain’t got no clue. Keep an eye on our Facebook page or twitter feed in case you can’t see out of the window.

Bicycle Print: Bicycle Life & The City

The first edition of BICYCLE PRINT has just been released, and we’re proud to be a part of it! It’s a look at bicycle life in various cities around the world including Amsterdam, New York, Shanghai, Portland, Seoul and Tokyo. Printed, designed and released in Korea it might be a little hard to get ahold of.. but here are a few snaps!

Brands We Roll: RESTRAP

As part of our ongoing push to educate the Chinese track bike scene we’d like to introduce a new series of posts, “Brands We Roll”. These posts will feature brands that we support, sell and ride daily. Each Wednesday we’ll feature a different brand and all the reasons why they are so awesome. You can follow us through our many social media platform for daily posts about the week’s featured brand. First up, RESTRAP:

Made in Yorkshire by people who really know what they’re talking about, Restrap’s range of foot retention and soft goods are beautifully crafted. Using police-issue belts, Velcro and fabric they are sturdy, considered and a joy to use. The Horizontal and Diagonal straps are the best we’ve seen. They’re uncomplicated and more subtle than most. They’ll fit the style of almost any ride without dominating. The fastening mechanisms are trustworthy and the straps are built to last. We’re big fans of Restrap. They’re a small outfit and with a fine range of accessories and apparel they are making big moves to represent the fixed gear scene. You can check out their selection of products here.

It’s that time. Night ride time.

Yes tonight we’re going to roll Shanghai – c1555 style. We’re going to get Elizabethan and show this city our rolling gentrification. Polite like Tudors we’ll give a nod to the private carriages, to the trolleybus, to the rolling gasoline-powered wagons from the future. Exemplary. We’re going to cruise the streets, slip to the fast lanes and head south past the carnival towards the big-o. Then we’ll sip on replenishing electrolytes (or whatever) before rolling some more and then homeward or bar-ward or familymart-ward. Whatever your ward guild, welcome to roll with us… as long as you’re on a bike which is powered by your legs both of which are fully controlled by your common sense. Bring this, your lights, your helmet and street smarts to Factory Five, 876 Jiangsu (near huashan) for a 21h00 start. Our friends from DiBella will be pre-ride-side again tonight offering humidity-friendly cups of iced premium coffee. Head over here to the workshop from 20h00 onwards and relax pre-ride with a cup of goodness starting at Â¥15. it will be dry when we ride. It will not be dry when we don’t ride. Riddle us this. Keep an eye on our facebook page for any updates.

YangCheng Lake Ride

On the weekend we rode out to YangCheng Lake near Suzhou to take part in the Ride for Life. We lavished in good times all round at the Lakeside Fairmont along 40km of beautiful roads. Afterwards we tucked into a monstrous BBQ care of some pretty awesome chefs. We travelled light and didn’t take cameras, if you have any photos of the trip please let us know.

World’s Coolest Bike Shops

We’re honoured to have made it onto CyclingTips’ list of the world’s coolest bike shops.

Whilst we (and our mothers) think we’re pretty cool, it’s humbling to hear that others consider our store one of the top 20 in the world.

Thanks to Matt de Neef for considering us… and we promise to keep doing what we’re doing. If that’s what works.

Yangcheng Lake Ride + Top Brass BBQ.

Join us this Sunday to celebrate the end of a gruelling two-day work week by cruising around Yangcheng Lake followed by a massive BBQ tended by some of Shanghai’s biggest chefs.

You’re right; Yangcheng lake is over by Suzhou and famous for those hairy crabs. This weekend though it’s all about this brand new 42km bike path that the big G has just finished. It’s deluxe, smooth, waterside and we’re going to own it.

Then we’re going to tuck into an Argentine Asado style BBQ. We’ve seen the plans for the 3m long pit and had a sneak peak at the run down: expect Austin Hu from Madison, Brad Turley from Goga and Hamish Pollitt from M-on-the-bund putting on a Game of Thrones level feast. It’s all in favour of “Ride for Life”; a lakeside weekend of cycling activities and good food for a good cause.

That’s why the ride costs Â¥150 with all proceeds going to One Foundation Yan’an Earthquake relief. The BBQ costs Â¥250 where all profits will go the Good Earth project. They’re good friends of ours since the Chongming Island Crayfish trip we did together last year. If that’s not enough to sweeten the deal there’s free bike rental if you need, free transport out and back from Xintiandi and plenty of prizes in a lucky draw for everybody who completes the ride.

Factory Five has been graciously invited to lead the ride which starts 10h00 on Sunday morning. To demonstrate how awesome we are we’ll be riding the ~75km from here to there beforehand. Then doing the 42km ride.

Then we’ll be gorging ourselves at the BBQ and deciding whether to ride back or catch the 16h30 bus. So, interested?

Here are the facts:

Sunday16th June / YangCheng Lake Fairmont Hotel (here)

– 10h00: 42km Lake Ride (Â¥150)

– 12h00: Creative Chef Cookout BBQ & Drinks (Â¥250)

Getting there:

a) 08h00: Coach leaving from Xintiandi (can arrange for bike space)

b) 07h00: We will ride from Factory Five.

If you are up for riding hard at an average of 30kmph for 2-3hours then welcome to join.

c) Make you own way there from wherever you are

Getting back:

a) 16h30: coach departing to Xintiandi (can arrange for bike space)

b) 15h00: A group will be riding back (maybe we’ll be in it!)

c) Make your own way back to wherever you belong

More information can be found with the organisers at www.ride-for-life.net including details of the Saturday activities (if you want to head over there for the weekend) If you’d like to join, send us a shoutout@wearefactoryfive.com and we’ll take it from there.