Saddle Up. Tonight we Ride.

Saddle up. Tonight we ride. Join us? Where we’re going, nobody knows. Actually we knows. We’ve a route in mind which will be different from the last. Every week we wind or blast or cruise our way along a different string of the city. Come with? Whatever you ride, be it road or track or hybrid or mountain or shopper or bmx or recumbent or trials or chopper or cruiser or whatever. You’ll not be alone. But please – wear a helmet – for your and other’s safety. We meet for a 21h00 departure from our workshop, 876 Jiangsu Lu. If you need something doing to your bike, come at 20h00 to get a slot.

New F5 Chainring Preview

Here’s a sneak peek at the new Factory Five chainring. Precision CNC, intricate dual-plane lattice cutouts and in the prototype 7075 aluminium it weighs less than 80g. We’re super excited. 144bcd and this one is 47T. Will go into a production series after some final testing and tweaks.

Brands We Roll: Nitto

If you missed last week’s Brands We Roll you can check it out HERE. This week we’re focusing on the Godfather of all handlebar makers, Nitto.
This is where it all started. Before Nitto there was nothing, or we’d like to think so.
They make the strongest, most beautiful bars and stems we’ve ever ridden.Their stuff feels so damn good and you know you can trust them for times to come. NJS stamped.

Handlebars, stems and seatposts – nothing but the finest from Japan, all hand crafted.

FOR SALE: Limited Edition H Plus Son Wheelset + F5 Pursuit Frame

By now most of you have probably seen Tyler’s bike over on Prolly Is Not Probably. It’s a beauty, and most of it is up for grabs.

He’s selling his limited edition H Plus Son Carbon wheelset for 3,200CNY. The rims are 2 of 10 ever produced, laced with DT Swiss Spokes (by Chain’s Sprocket) to Dura Ace 36H NJS hubs. Incredible wheelset, so smooth and super light. There is a small aesthetic crack in the carbon lace on the rear rim, but it does not affect performance (see photo). Otherwise perfect.

His 61cm F5 Pursuit Frame is made from double butted 6061 Aluminum with flat welds, includes a hand made Kasei Aero Evolution fork and Campagnolo Record headset + seat post collar. For the frame, fork, headset and collar he’s asking 3,000CNY. (note: the decals have been removed, just metallic blue paint now).

Willing to ship internationally, for any questions please e-mail us

Green Light. Ride.

Tonight we roll. Every week we roll unless it’s raining or something. We don’t know the route yet. After dark we sniff the air and test for wind-direction. Then we know. Tuesday is a story of rolling the good times. We are many and ride close quarters. Keep that in mind and keep rolling in a straight line. Roll helmets and lights too. We meet for a 21h00 departure from our workshop, 876 Jiangsu Lu. If you need something doing to your bike, come at 20h00 to get a slot.

54cm F5Pista Complete.

Sometimes we get the change to create a build just the way we’d like. This matte grey F5Pista is one of those chances.

The frame is the same lugged, Columus Zona that we use on all our F5Pista builds. This custom version is in a matte-grey finish and with a deadly lustre looks super good. We’ve bolted on a classic 48T track crankset, Gran Compe headset, stem and racing drops.

The rest is all goodness too. Also added is a pretty special set of barely-used preloved wheels. They’re black Velocity Deep V laced to Dura Ace 32/32H track hubs usedin silver DT swiss spokes. Complete Build: Â¥7,595 Or with a stock wheel-build Â¥6,495.

Ex-display Complete F5 Build [sold]

Lovingly built, widely adored, now ready to roll. This is a 56cm F5 Pista Custom with chromed lugs and a super low-clearance limited edition undrilled F5 crown fork. The build includes silver eyeleted box rims, Novatec sealed cartridge hubs, Gran Compe seat post, BROOKS B17 Honey saddle, Moustache bars and BROOKS honey bar wrap. Full price build is 7,045CNY but now available for 5,995CNY.

Summer Special. Chinese Classics ¥3,000.

Summer Special: Chinese Classics now only Â¥3,000 complete. We take the heritage of China’s most successful mode of transport, strip it down to the best part and rebuild it with actually good fixed-gear components. Let’s face it, these bikes are freaking awesome, but in their original form they’re rickety old bags of pain. We remove everything right down to the bottom bracket. It takes us ages. Then we re-space, re-thread and re-grease the whole lot before building them back up with the same love that we give all our F5 builds. Build it your way from a range of colours and styles. The best part is that when we’re finished they’re just as compatible as any fixed-gear bike. We have deep and shallow rims in a wide selection of colours, choice of hubs and you can choose from most of our components. for Â¥3,000 you get a choice of rim style and colour, hub colour, saddle colour and types of bars. Then the core components come mostly in black or silver. If you want to upgrade to anything, just pay the difference. If you’re interested come over to the workshop or give us a shoutout. Whet your appetite by checking our some previous builds in our portfolio. Scroll down for the classics.