F550 Custom: Paul

A beautiful morgan blue F550 with a Columbus Minimal carbon fork ~ complete with Miche cranks, Miche Supertype seatpost, H Plus Son rims laced to Gran Compe hubs and an awesome set of Nitto RB010 bullhorn bars. Top that all off with BROOKS bar wrap and a BROOKS Imperial saddle. Nice! Such a great build, Paul!

[flickr size=”large”]9625769277[/flickr] [flickr size=”large”]9629004542[/flickr] [flickr size=”large”]9629006366[/flickr]

F5100 Custom: Andrew

Our F5100 frame custom painted in a beautiful electric sky blue for Andrew. Tricked out with a custom carbon fork – we love this build! Frame : F5100 Custom Fork: Columbus Carbon Fork Headset : Dia Compe 1+1/8″ Headset Stem: A-Head HD Stem Bars: Nitto RB 021 bullhorn Saddle: OSN Brake system: Dia Compe BRS101 Caliper Rims : H Plus Son Archetype high polish rims Hubs: Gran Compe Large flange Bottom Bracket :Tange Bottom Bracket Crank: Pista Crank Set Pedals : MKS GR-9 Pedals

F5Pista Custom: Jacque

We built this stunning 58cm F5Pista for Jacque. He chose a striking green for the tubes and chromed lugs to give the theme a classic pop. Elsewhere he specified a modest component set, mostly in high polish to finish. Jacque’s Full Spec: Frame: F5Pista Custom Fork: F5 Crown Headset: Tange Passage HS Stem: ENE Gran Compe Bars: Gran Compe drops wrapped in Brooks Brown Leather tape Saddle: Cutout seat post under a Brooks B17 Special Brake system: Dia Compe BRS101 Caliper Rims :H+Son Archetype rims Hubs: Gran Compe Large Flange Bottom Bracket : Tange BB Crank: F5 Lattice Crank Pedals : VP Cage Pedal and VP Toe Clips and straps

F5 Pista Custom : Jaque F5 Pista Custom : Jaque F5 Pista Custom : Jaque F5 Pista Custom : Jaque

Preloved Blue F5Pista for sale.

For Sale: Blue F5Pista 56cm used bike. We have a very rare second-hand bike for sale in the store right now. People do not often give up their F5 builds so this is an unprecedented offering. It’s in electric blue with high polish rims and silver components throughout. The frame is barely used. Give us a shoutout@wearefactoryfive.com or drop by the workshop if you’re interested. Price: Â¥3,500

The F5 Tuesday Night Ride

In 2009 we started a regular group ride. Back then there were only a few fixed gear riders in China and no Factory Five, it was a People’s Bike thing. Every week we’d meet by the fountains on People’s Square and hope to see some new faces. We’d ride the city as a pack, excited if 10+ people showed up. For a couple hours we’d beat the same core paths through town; along the suzhou creek, across to hongkou, down to the south train station or west to the airport. The end would be the C-Store on Taikang Lu. It had cheep beers and outdoor seats… and they didn’t mind if we played music. Then, when F5 popped into existence in 2010 and we started the community workshop we had a real place to ride from…. and besides, the C-Store closed down in 2011 leaving us homeless. We pledged to ride every dry tuesday year-round. Over the last 36 months we’ve been on 136 tours of the city, covered over 4000km and never the exact same route twice. In fact – virtually all of our routes are unique. We have many strings of road that we love to ride across Shanghai. How we connect them is different each time. Something is working right because nowadays we’re being joined by up to 200 riders. Not just fixed gear, there are road, mountain, bmx, hybrid, cyclocross, recumbent and sunday shopping bikes too. Every week we head out of the workshop like a rolling horde, consuming the streets. We roll for an hour or so, then pause at a convenience store for drinks before heading back into the city. Sometimes the pace is quick, sometimes slow. Usually everybody keeps together or gets gathered up when we hold the forerunners at big intersections. Sure there are slowpokes falling off the back, weavers getting tangled in the middle and speedsters bursting off the front, it’s all part of the fun and the challenge… and we don’t want to change it too much. Tuesday is for the raw, unadulterated fun of cruising through a city looking for those new strings to cruise. We are putting notifications in place and are using wechat to spread the word of where the drinks stop and final destination are happening. By ~23h30 we’re normally back near Factory Five at a convenience store or bar for drinks. Did we mention we get up to 200 people? The F5 Night Ride is probably the biggest regular group ride in the world. It’s humbling to think back to where we started but it’s not about us any more, it’s about getting together with cool people to do something awesome. We can’t do it alone either… riding in close quarters with a lot of people in unpredictable conditions is a challenge. We all need to be looking out for each other and riding responsibly. We want to see everybody riding with a helmet and lights. It just makes sense. Whilst we cannot mandate it, we can say that most of the accidents we see that don’t involve getting back up and riding off – do involve a bump to the cranium. Enough said. We’re going to be creating a night-ride-guide soon – with tips on maximising the good times but the essence is this; grab a bike, turn up, get involved and ride together. The pace will never be too fast if you keep near the front and watch what is happening, you’ll never be outcast for riding a granny bike and you’ll never be alone with nothing to talk about at the drinks stop because we all just did something that was pretty damn fun. Need more inspiration? watch the end of this video. So, free tonight? Meet at Factory Five, 876 Jiangsu Lu (near Huashan) for a 9pm departure.

F5Pista Custom: Fred

Fred didn’t hold back with this, classy build. We’re talking a teal Columbus F5Pista with chromed lugs and matching Crown Fork and braze-ons for a rear brake. It looks freaking awesome even if we do say so ourselves. If you’re looking for a special build, get in touch or head to our build configurator. Jacque’s Full Spec: Frame: F5Pista Custom Fork: F5 Crown Headset: Tange Passage HS Stem: ENE Gran Compe Bars: Nitto Moustache bars Brooks brown leather tape. Saddle: Brooks B17 Special Brake system: Dia Compe BRS101 Caliper Rims : H+Son TB14 and Fyxation whitewall Session tyres Hubs: Gran Compe Large Flange Bottom Bracket : Tange BB Crank: F5 Lattice Crank Pedals : MKS GR-9 Pedals

F5 Pista Custom : Fred F5 Pista Custom : Fred F5 Pista Custom : Fred

F5 Prototype: Drew

Another iteration, this time better than the last – our F5 Pursuit Prototype complete with a carbon alloy track fork and a beautiful set of components including Paul hubs and Thomson everywhere. Drew built up this ride and chances are if you were on the group ride last week you might have seen him bursting down the street on this pristine machine. Here are a couple photos to excite your Friday blog browsing, enjoy!

F5 Pursuit Prototype F5 Pursuit Prototype F5 Pursuit Prototype F5 Pursuit Prototype F5 Pursuit Prototype

Awesome F550 Build in MI, USA

We’re always stoked when we get e-mails from happy customers on the other side of the world. Urian ordered an F550 frame from us along with a couple other goodies, and built up this awesome ride – no limits, super decked out. ” I’ve finally got the whole bike put together and it is absolutely fantastic. I’ve only ridden it ~20 miles so far and it’s shockingly smooth and zippy.” Amazing. Check out this quick snap he sent us, along with the fine list of components: Factory Five F550 frame, San Marco Mantra, Miche Supertype seatpost, Thomson seat collar, Cane Creek 40 series EC34, 3T ARX stem 90mm, Deda Crononero bars, Deda Parabolica aerobars, TRP brake lever, Lizard skins bar tape, Shimano Tiagra brake, Nashbar Carbon fork, Continental GP4000s tires, H+Son Archetype Rims, Sapim Laser spokes, Milwaukee 4 Star hubs (fixed/fixed), SRAM S300 (48t) cranks and bottom bracket, Look Keo Classic pedals, Miche Cogs (15 and 17), SRAM chain

Night Rides : Live updates

If you’ve fallen off the back of our Tuesday Night Ride before then we feel your pain. We try to keep the group together and pause periodically at big turns but when it comes to rolling the throng of Shanghai it’s inevitable that some riders may stray from the herd. So, we’ve created a wechat account for the night ride. It’s the world’s fastest growing messaging App and works with IOS, Android, Windows, Nokia and Blackberry. As the world’s largest regular group ride (we’re pretty sure) then it feels a good fit. If you’re in China you’ve probably got it installed already. To sign up for live updates; launch the app, browse to the main Chat tab and press the wand in the top right corner. Select ‘Scan QR Code’ from the list and then point your phone’s camera at the graphic above. It will automatically connect you with the F5 Night Ride account – once we’ve accepted the request (which we’ll do asap). During the ride and shortly before we make the drinks stop we’ll send a message to the group with the street-location. If you’ve lost the group just head there to re-join. We’ll do the same again when we hit the final stop so if you’re lost again, or not riding and want to grab a drink together then head over. It is possible to mute or unfollow the account if you don’t want updates temporarily or permanently. Come and go as you please – we don’t want to jam up your phone! So, see you for the ride and if we don’t see you during – then see you at the stop.

USED BIKE FOR SALE : Custom Rebuild

One of our very first custom rebuilds came rolling back through the doors last week – a beautiful deep red reconditioned Pheonix frame, complete with a nice set of components and ready for street cruising. We’ve stripped it, cleaned it and it’s good to go for 1,750CNY. Shoot us an e-mail if you have any interest in taking it!