National Week: Gone Riding

Sorry sports fans, but we need some time on our saddles. From October 1st – 6th the shop will be closed and we’ll be spinning our legs somewhere else. We’ll be back open on the 7th from 1pm – 7pm, and regular shop hours will return starting on the 8th. If you need anything before the big holiday then swing through this weekend, we’re open on both Saturday and Sunday from 1pm – 7pm. Any online orders completed during this time frame will also be processed after the holiday, on October 7th. Thanks for your understanding! Enjoy the National Week.

24th September: We ride tonight.

Tonight we ride.

Every week we ride. As long as it’s dry. We’ve been very lucky this year, almost every week so far we’ve got bigger and biggerer.

So big, in fact, that we need to say one thing. Tonight we want to play it extra safe and we need your help to do it; wear a helmet and ride in a straight line. Got it? Good, we’ll do the same.

We’ll depart our workshop together and smack the city in a rolling celebration of good times. Remember, the workshop closes at 20h30 so if you need anything tweaking on your bike then come before. This week we’ll be heading West and circling the Hongqiao Airport.

Tonight’s Ride.

Tonight we ride.

Let’s call this day the best of the year and revel in it’s greatest.

We’ll depart our workshop together and smack the city in a rolling celebration of good times.

To be a part of the goodness, put a helmet on, get on your bike, turn on your blinking lights and come over to 876 Jiangsu (near Huashan) for a 21h00 departure.

We’ll be closing the workshop at 20h30 so if you need anything tweaking on your bike then come before.

This week we’ll be heading north and then east towards the historical Hongkou district.

Above is a preview of the ride. No guarantee that we’ll actually follow this route but keep the general direction in mind.

F5 Ex-Display [SOLD]

Available today is a 56cm ex-display matte black F550 in our signature configuration. Barely ridden, it has done around 5km and we’ve put new wheels on as well. We’ve built this up with our stock components including HD Stem and seatpost, classic track cranks and a riser bar with oury grips. If you’re interested, call round asap. The last times we have listed discount F5 builds they’ve sold very quickly. Price: Â¥3,500

F5 Ex-Display

F550: Mark

This is one of our favourite signature F550 builds. It is beautifully simple with mostly matte black components and something that we love to see; subtle colour-matched accents. Mark chose green anodised green Novatec hubs and a green anodised HD stem. The result is a stealthy, understated 53cm build which pops. Our F550 complete custom builds start at Â¥4,500. If you’re looking for something special, give us a or check out our online store.

F550 : Mark F550 : Mark F550 : Mark

Friday 13th Beer Bash

It’s time for the next instalment of our super-awesome Beer Bash series. Up next: Friday 13th BASH. That’s right. Night time. We’ll meet 20h00 at Factory Five and then head into the eerie darkness, stopping at every, say, Lawsons along the way for a beverage. If you’ve been on one before, you know the drill. If not, it’s a slow ride through town with more stops than rolls – music, chat and fun times all round. It’s completely free. All you need is a bike and enough cash to buy yourself a drink at the convenience stores. We’ve teamed up with Inferno so we’ll be ending the beer bash there around 10h30. Once we arrive every rider will get a FREE PINT OF ASAHI. Mate – it’s going to be awesome. Coming? When: Friday, September 13th @ 20h00 Where: Factory Five Address: 876 Jiangsu Rd near Huashan Rd 地址:江苏路876号5号楼靠近华山路

3rd September. We ride tonight.

We ride from F5 tonight at 21h00. Put down thy excuses, don thy helmets (and lights) and join the superlative night ride. We will roll forth from 876 Jiangsu into the balmy air and beautiful city in a huge fun-loving group. To maximise the love, bring any bike; bring your street smarts and bring enough pocket change to buy yourself and us a drink at the stop. Tonight we’re probably heading into Honkou for a canal and prison cruise and we’ll have you back to bed before your bike turns into a pumpkin.

F550: Paul

Build highlight: F550 Custom Pau’s morgan-blue F550 is a thoroughbred build. He considered (and upgraded) every single component and the result is true powerhouse. Check this out: Columbus Carbon Minimal, H+Son Formation Face, Gran Compe, Miche Advanced, MKS GR-9, Nitto RB-010, Miche Supertype and Brooks B17 Imperial. So awesome. If you’re looking to build something awesome, however you like, then head over to our portfolio for more inspiration and when you’re ready… get building.

F550 Custom : Paul F550 Custom : Paul F550 Custom : Paul F550 Custom : Paul F550 Custom : Paul