Last Week’s Ride

Factory Five Night Ride Route May 27th 2014

This week we were many. Hundreds of riders pouring through Shanghai like smooth butter. We rolled down to Xujiahui and alongside the elevated road south to the train station before turning north into Honqiao.

The roads are wide and smooth down there, perfect for a couple of bunch sprints whilst the pack stretched out to cover a block or two. Then we regrouped and cruised through japan-town before a loop of the Shanghai zoo.

Tuesday night business is brisk in the Family Mart we choose as a drinks stop every week and this one didn’t quite know what was going on. We try to hang at a different place each time to spread the night ride love!

Then we hooked the Hongqiao canals and slid east towards town and back to Factory Five. 32km in all and an awesome ride through West Shanghai.

Click here for the route.

GARMIN test ride

We tested our GARMIN VIBE cameras last night and are working through some of the footage now. As Laura Imkamp helps film and cut the videos, she came across this camera angle, which was attached to Luca’s F550 – pretty sweet! Can’t wait to film more next week.


F5 Pista: Hanson

Hanson knew exactly what he needed to make this wicked single speed F5 Pista. Perfect for everyday city life and commuting, it’s set up with both a rear and front brake plus a killer set of Fyxation drop bars. You can find it ripping around Toronto, Canada this summer. Be sure to say hi!

Hanson 1

Second Hand China Post Bike [sold]

Once upon a time the postmen in Shanghai rolled free. They had awesome Green China-Post Bikes and no idea just how awesome they were. They didn’t know that the big relaxed frames and horizontal dropouts would mean, sometime later in 2010, these dudes from Factory Five would come and re-engineer them into iconic fixed gear street bikes. If they had known, they wouldn’t have thrown them all away. These days the postmen get e-bikes, or vans, or just throw the mail out of the sorting office window. The awesome original GCPB frames have all but dried up.

chinapostforsale01 chinapostforsale02

Which is why this particular beauty is going to last five minutes here. For sale we have a pre-loved China-Post frame which we built up in 2010 and has barely been ridden. It even has the original fenders still intact. They’re normally the first to go! Â¥2,500 is the price. We’re always getting asked about these frames so if you’re one of those people, get over here asap!

10% Discount when you buy an F5 Bike


We know that when you’re buying a bike it’s not just about the bike but the whole package. We also know that often you’ve spanked all your cash on the bike and are left scraping for accessories. We’ve been there countless times.

But those things are just as important, which is why we’re launching a new promo. When you buy a complete F5 bike with us (any flavor, any style) we’ll give you a 10% voucher off your next purchase from our whole range of accessories and apparel. You can use it straight away, or save it until the next time.

That way, you can have your cake and eat it. The pimped up F5Pista custom and the lights, helmet, lock and shirt to match.

Here’s the small print for all you gamers. This offer only applies to complete new Factory Five bikes purchased from today onwards until August 1st. It doesn’t work for second hand bikes, bikes purchased somewhere else or any other kind of purchases. the 10% discount only applies to accessories and apparel and can only be used once. Also, we made the promo and we can take it away. etc.

Tonight we ride. May 27th

Factory Five Night Ride

We are the bats in the cave. The gibbons in the tree. The leopards in the bush. The hippos in the water. The owl in the barn. The snake in the reeds. The fox in the coup. The ram in the rocks. The cat on the covers. The hounds on the scent. The shark on the shoal. The bear on the log. The mantis on the leaf. The guys on the bikes who ride every tuesday night across Shanghai. Join us? We depart tonight at 9pm from the workshop at 876 Jiangsu Lu. All you need to do is bring your bike, your lights and your helmet and some change for a drink at the end. Oh and you need to read the rules of the ride. They’re super important to make sure we let the good times roll. We close the workshop at 20h30. No services or tools or pumps or nothing will be available after that. You know why? Because our tools and pumps grow legs and walk off after 20h30 and they don’t come back. It’s weird because nobody, not a single person, of the 300 riders who come ever see them leave.

The Faces of F5

Ever wonder who the beautiful people are behind Factory Five? We’ve more than doubled our team size since day 1 but we’re still a small tight nit family. Our friend David Jumpa is currently shooting a series of portraits around Shanghai and so we jumped at the chance to have ours done. He’s done some pretty incredible work and our lovely faces fall nothing short of perfect. Check him out on Instagram and be sure to creep our mug shots in maximum HD photographer goodness below.

F5 team 1

F5 team 2

For Sale: Second Hand Specialized Langster [sold]

This bike is only a few months old, and only ever ridden through the streets of Shanghai. It’s an aluminum Specialized Langster frame, size 53cm with the stock Specialized components and a Sugino Messenger RD2 crankset. Drops bars, hoods with both front and rear brake, and ready to roll fixed or single speed. 2,000 CNY and it’s yours. Absolute steal!

specialized01 specialized02

Thanks GARMIN!

Big thanks to GARMIN for these wicked Friday gifts – 10 VIRB cameras so that we can properly film and document the largest weekly night ride in the world. Let’s do this!

garmin01 garmin02 garmin03

Tonight, no Ride.

No Night Ride Tonight

There’s this thing going on today and tomorrow and Shanghai’s roads are going to be a little hectic. We’re going to hold back on the ride tonight and let it all unwind. We don’t want to be in the way. We do have this rule though. If the ride is cancelled 3 times in a row, we’ll ride anyway, no matter the weather. Tonight makes two! Watch this space but the forecast is good for next tuesday so we’ll be back and ready for action big time.