BANFF Film Festival / Shanghai 12th July


We’re helping the guys out at the BANFF Mountain Film Festival with their Shanghai screening. It’s coming up on Saturday July 12th and features a bunch of short movies all to celebrate the great outdoors. Tickets are just Â¥99 and available in our Taobao Store or in our real store. We’re also going to be riding there from Factory Five so if you’d like to join us – let’s ride there together. We leave the workshop (876 Jiangsu Lu) at 12:00.

F550 Matte Black : Color Splash

Sometimes all you need is a little splash of color to brighten your ride. This matte black F550 features a set of neon pink Novatec hubs, along with some amazing components; PAUL E-Lever brakes, our lattice chainring, BROOKS B17s saddle and Fyxation.Session tyres. Right on!


F5 Pista Fully Flamed: Chrome Lugs

This Fully Flamed F5 Pista was custom finished by chroming the lugs and dropouts – giving it a great vintage fade. Complete with our lattice chainring, BROOKS saddle and bar wrap, plus classic high polish components it’s truly timeless!


Mission Workshop ARKIV Accessories

You don’t need us to remind you that we have a massive crush on Mission Workshop. But we didn’t think we were going to like their ARKIV system quite so much, but it’s really, really the future of multi-function portage. Check out the full ARKIV range HERE . . .


Is 2014 the year of the riser?

When we were kids, there were only riser bars. Straight or huge rise. These were the only two options. Remember that first BMX? Yeah it had enough space for a race number to be cable tied to the bars. We were #5.


Then after a journey through single-discipline bikes, mountain, trials, racing, whatever, fixed gear came about and a world of modularity took color. For the first time we had a range of configurable options. And configure we did.


Fixed gear street riding started all those years ago with risers. It’s what couriers rode, the shorter the better. We’d be chopping our bars down to the nub to fit through tight gaps between buses and cars. So what if our shoulders were twice as wide anyway, there are all those wing-mirrors to avoid clipping.


Then our influences evolved. We got to know about the velodrome and pursuit racing and bullhorn bars – adopting their versatility for our own needs; covering more ground comfortably. With more ground came more speed and so then need for a racing drop – something to give us a more powerful poise with less wind drag.


Before long, though, the simple and clean style of the humble riser creeps back into our thoughts. The bar that started them all. We’ve noticed ourselves installing them back on our bikes this year – and they are becoming the bar of choice for new builds. Our tip for 2014 is go riser – go wide and roll deep. Click here for our huge selection of handlebars.


No Ride Tonight. June 17th.

No Ride Tonight

When the sun heats up the earth moisture in the ground evaporates and rises into the sky and eventually cools and turns back into water and falls to the ground on tuesday totally preventing us from riding. Bottle that feeling and save it for next week!

Track Stand Competition Results

F5 Track Stand Competition

Last night’s track stand competition started with light applause and finished to whoops and hollers. The winner was Taco (above), who managed to hold on against fierce competition for over 30 minutes. In between, rider after rider finally dropped a foot as the heat and intense concentration required got the better of them. It’s much harder than you’d think – keeping ever muscle tense and firing to keep balance. Noises and distraction was the theme of the night – four competitors went down at the same time when a scooter started it’s engine nearby, haha. Here are a few photos from the night. We’ll be running a monthly track stand competition here at Factory Five so if you think you can stay up for longer than 30 minutes then keep an eye on the newsletter.

Last week’s ride – 10th April

Night Ride Strip

Last we was a big one and we didn’t hold back. We slid south-east through the sleepy end of the former french concession and down onto Zhaojiabang. Then we poured east to the North South elevated and it teleported us north to the water and into Hongkou.

Not stopping, we paced west and back into town, closing a 30km loop of Shanghai by tracking the Suzhou Creek and dropping through Jing’an and finally to the C-Store for a much-needed juice or two.

Click here for the route on Strava.

Interested to join us on the next tuesday ride? Click here for details and sign up to our newsletter to get the weekly ride confirmation.

F5 Pista Custom: Rob

There’s really not much to say, other than this bike absolutely rules. Rob went all in and built himself a wicked F5 Pista Custom, fully kitted with the best modern track bike components. Paul hubs and brake levers, Nitto bullhorn bar and stem, Thomson seat post, BROOKS Cambium saddle, H Plus Son Archetype rims, DT Swiss spokes, Fyxation Session tyres, and of course our F5 lattice chainring. Sweet ride!

The YNOT Coffee Cozy

We’ve got fresh stock of the YNOT Cycle Coffee Cozy – Designed for when you use a mason jar as a hot beverage cup. Keeps your beverage warm and your hands snugly! Made from 95% reclaimed material and looks super sweet on our new outdoor bar! Available in shop.