Chainrings Across China

Our Lattice Chainring is being picked up all across China. We’re super pumped to see it around the world, and even more excited when it shows up on a sick build on the mainland. Here’s a few photos and details of stores where you can pick up our 78gram, dual plane ring…

Oldchen Fixie









LP Fixed


保定市新市区百花路746号 荣域铂庭底商




Solo Bike


苏州 人民路嘉馀坊12号

TOP Fixed





福州台江区 义洲街道 浦东路12号群升白马郡7号楼08店面







Around Tree Fixed


沈阳 沈北新区蒲昌路,沈阳师范大学北门斜对面,淘乐新天地1197号

Newsflash: One Day Sale! 25% off everything.

To celebrate the Chinese National Holiday which runs for an entire week, we’re holding a very special sale. On Thursday 2nd we’re offering everything in-store and in-stock for 25% off. Now you’ve even more reasons to get out into the city when the traffic is calm and the skies are blue!

Sale includes: Mission Workshop, Paul, Restrap. H+Son, Factory Five, HJUL and more!

Here’s the small print: The sale applies to items which are in purchased store whilst stocks last. Frame and custom orders are not included. We reserve the right to boot out any scalpers. We accept cash and Union Pay enabled debit/credit cards.

National Holiday Opening Hours

Here are our opening hours during the Chinese National Day Holiday Week. In short: we’ll be operating weekend hours each day until Sunday 5th. Then open as normal from Wednesday 8th.

Wednesday 1st 13h00 – 19h00
Thursday 2nd 13h00 – 19h00
Friday 3rd 13h00 – 19h00
Saturday 4th 13h00 – 19h00
Sunday 5th 13h00 – 19h00
Monday 6th Closed
Tuesday 7th Closed
Wednesday 8th 10h30 – 21h00
Thursday 9th onwards As Normal

On Thursday we’re holding our National Holiday Sale – almost everything in store 25% off! Click here for more information.

Factory Five masterclass with Berluti

We’re collaborating with Berluti on a project to celebrate the beauty of bicycles. Started in 1895, Berluti crafts gentlemen’s custom leather-ware, shoes and bags including bicycle accessories. It seemed only a natural fit for us to get together with them on a mission to encapsulate and present the realm of bespoke cycling.

We started yesterday in Berluti’s Shanghai ‘Masion’ in the Pudong IFC Mall. As a flagship store, it is a grand, two-story space which feels more like a swanky clubhouse than a store. We started the session in matching style with a glass of Dom Pérignon.

A select group of Berluit VIP customers had been invited to the masterclass. After an introduction to fixed-gear riding by Jeff and a demonstration of Brooks bar-wrapping by Tyler, we pulled out a selection of bars and surprised them with a chance to try themselves.

The results were much better than we expected! Some expertly wrapped bars with a lot of concentration and plenty of laughs. Everybody had a great time, and more importantly our bicycle world gained a few new subscribers. Next stop, Chengdu!

F550 Custom : Jordan

This beautiful custom F550 is painted in our 2014 team race graphics with an aquatic neon blue finishing touch inside the rear stays. Complete with a set of Control Tech road bars and brake hoods, the compact geometry lends well to making this single speed the perfect mix between track and road. Killer build!

F5 Pista Fully Flamed : George

If you’re expecting details of our Movie Screening tonight please click here – we made a newsletter booboo.

This beautiful 60cm F5 Pista build belongs to George in Moscow, Russia. Completed with our lattice chainring, H Plus Son high polish rims, a super sweet custom leather saddle and some vintage bullhorn bars. Sure looks good against the blue Russian skies, the frame really glows ~ thanks for the photos George!


第二届温岭固齿集结会即将开赛 Factory Five也准备了奖品等着大家
下午1时开始比赛 比赛地点:温岭市体育馆
报名限制:仅限以Fiexd gear bike固定齿轮单车(死飞)参加比赛(部分比赛项目需参赛选手佩戴头盔)
报名截止时间:9月30号 AM 12:00
联系人:三毛 电话:13586270169 QQ:286011404
报名费汇款账号:农业银行3228430369627844079 陈雁宇

Fixie For Life – A Celebration

The only gear you need is ‘go’. Fixies and single-speeds take cycling back to square one – bare-bones bikes that can be dressed up or stripped down; simple machines that have inspired a diverse, inventive culture. This book celebrates the art and craft of one gear bikes with quotes and stunning photos of rides from around the world. You can pre-order yours through Amazon here – yes, our hand crafted bikes are featured inside, and yes we’ll have a few copies in the shop next month!

Space for Rent

The secret is out, Factory Five HQ will be moving in the next couple months. Over the past few years we’ve expanded, developed and utilized every square inch of the current workshop. We’ve gradually outgrown it…. the time has come and we have secured new premises. (More on that later)

Which means that our current space is available to rent. We’re putting out a quiet word if you’re interested. It is 130sqm, considerately divided into modular spaces, peaceful, comfortable, full of storage and designed by a pro architect. Would make a great workshop or office. We’ve totally loved it. Give us a shoutout if you’re interested.

Movie Screening Tuesday 30th, 8pm

come over to Factory Five next Tuesday (30th) for an 8pm screening of STAY STRAPPED by MATT SPENCER.

It features some of the world’s best FGFS riders doing what they do best – rolling mad skills.. and stacking hard. Check out the trailer. We’re so jealous. We’ll have cheap beers and free snacks and we’ll talk about how ace they are and how impossible that stuff is.

We’re limited on space, so it’s essential you RSVP by sending us a signup email.

The movie has a runtime of 1 hour.