The Omnilattice

Our Lattice Chainring has been bolted onto almost every conceivable pair of cranks since launch and we’ve seen some awesome combinations. The pairing of our choice and the most popular is this one, coupled with the SRAM Omnium GXP crankset.

It’s no surprise why. The strong Omnium crank arms and external BB cups make an ideal match for the precision cut dual-plane, super-light Lattice. They also look rather fantastic together and combine into a true performance crankset.

So, we’re offering it as a complete crankset and are proud to present: the OMNILATTICE.

We’re talking the best of both worlds… check out some examples already tagged on instagram. It weighs in at only 780grams and features some market leading technology.

The arms are 165mm and the British threaded bottom bracket is integrated into the arms so no need to buy a separate BB.

F550: Brian

Our friend Brian from Culture Cycles has been smashing around Shanghai ever since he built up this wicked F550. Complete with Suzue Pro Max hubs, H Plus Son Archetype rims, our Lattice Chainring and an uncut set of riser bars it makes for one perfect city bike. Say hi if you see him in town!

The beauty of the Tool-Roll

When it comes to regular riding, there’s nothing more essential than having the right tools. That puncture repair kit, or multi-tool are useless at home. You’ll only really find that out the hard way – when you get a flat out in the middle of nowhere at dusk.

Everybody has their system. Maybe it’s a quick list of items tucked into the rear pockets, maybe it’s a couple of things clamped to the seat-post. Here at Factory Five we’re all about the tool roll. It’s like a little SOS kit of everything that can make all the difference during a riding hiccup.

The reason we like the tool roll so much is that it can be tossed in your bag or back pocket – forever. Keep it there, or in your back pocket on training rides, and don’t touch it until it’s time. We keep a separate set of tools for regular maintenance, this is just for those time when you need a tool and don’t need to worry when you used it last.

These are basically little bundles of life saving tech. We’ve put together three of our favourite bundles of objects which tuck nicely away in either the micro size YNOT saddle roll or the YNOT/Acre tool rolls. Couple that with a few pain killers, a sterilizing wipe and a 15mm spanner and you’re good to go.

Urban Essentials Roll
USD $59
Field Essentials Roll
USD $117
Acre Excursion Roll
USD $104

Ride this Sunday: 10h00

We’re hitting the road again this Sunday morning for a blast through Shanghai – want to join?

The forecast is for rain all week and sunshine on the weekend so we’re going to monopolize on the freshness. The ride starts at 10h00 and the route will keep us on our toes for around 2-3 hours with a break at half way. We’ll be back at F5 by lunchtime. Layer up. It’s forecasted to be 10c or less – which is plenty chilly for the first few minutes then warm enough to break a sweat when we pile on the sprints.

The pace will be fast. We will be cruising around 30km/h when we get out of town which gives it a definite intermediate rating. It’s unsupported, wear a helmet. We’ll be wearing riding clothes but probably not lycra – though anything goes!

Down for a ride? Great! Sign up by RSVP here or shoot us a

Rider Profile: RK

Fixed gear riding has many influences from all over the world and one of the strongest follows it right back to inception on the Velodrome. Track riding is often associated with the Japanese Keirin, or the American Madison or the British Match Sprint… little is mentioned of China’s niche racing pedigree which dates back to 1959 and the first velodrome in Beijing.

Fast forward to 2015 and that heritage is re-emerging in the style of fixed-gear riders. RK, one of our regular riders embodies that influence. He’s managed to acquire one of the now legendary track bikes built by the humongous Yongjiu (Forever) bicycle company.

Then he’s put his China twist on it. We got together with RK for the low down…

name: RK
age: 30
hometown: Shanghai
profession: Model and shop owner

Q: Tell us about your bike:

A: This is a Forever SC66, made in 1966 for the Chinese National Track Team. Before that they used Colnago framesets but the Govt thought that with so much domestic production of bikes there should be a local frame builder. It was the first track bike ever made in China. It turns out it wasn’t so perfectly built. The next model was the SC66-1, which was built with Colango lugs and dropouts and badged as a Yongjiu. Being from Shanghai I’m more proud to be riding the 100% local version – it has stood the test of time and is good enough for me.

I have a super-unique vintage Panther Quill Stem, I’ve no idea what brand it is. The rear wheel is an NOS FIR disc wheel, front is H+Son Archetype + small flange Gran Compe. The best part is the Paul Poker (Royal Flush) cranks – I was waiting ages for them to be available in China.

I added a basket, then i can carry my dog. I also have a Cinelli Mash Parallax 2014 for training and racing.

Q: how did you get into cycling?

A: I learnt to ride a bicycle when I was 5 years old and it has never left my life. I’ve only been riding fixie for less than a year, before that I was into Choppers. Then one day I was with a group of fixed gear riders and I got trapped – it feels so free and easy – and a good way to stay healthy.

Q: What attracts you to the scene in Shanghai?

A: This city is awesome, it’s my hometown and it has already come so far in my lifetime. Shanghai culture is awesome, Shanghai fashion is awesome. Shanghai traffic jams are also quite awesome in their own way.

Q: Where do you like to ride?

A: Fixie cycling is social and we like to hang out together. Normally i ride in downtown, around YongKang Lu and Fuxing Lu where the streets are lively and lots of people. At night I like to train with a smaller group along Longteng (South Bund) or around the Pudong Expo. On the weekends I’ll always head out of town the suburbs.

Q: What other styles do you like?

A: Music! Trance, Rock, R&B… to many to mention. I’m also into fashion and Gothic styles – I have lots of ink which is my style. I love Bulldogs and Choppers and tattoos.

Q: Where do you think the fixed gear scene is going in China?

A: With stores like Factory Five pioneering the fixed-gear scene it has grown very fast and also quite professionally (nice one RK!). There are lots more NOS components and brands to choose from these days, unlike when I was building choppers before, so it’s much easier to define a new style.

Ride with comfort (and in style)

When it comes to comfort there’s no second best. We’ve all experienced those bad days in the saddle, with slippery hands on the bars. We look after ourselves and are not going to mess around with poor tech, smashing the road hard on something not up for the job.

A good saddle and a great pair of gloves make all the difference in a ride. Being two out of three contact points with your bike they can easily help make or break that new record on Strava. That’s why our go to saddles are made by Prologo, and our glove of choice is made by Hirzl.

The Kappa EVO PAS, is one of Prologo’s most popular saddles thanks to its flat shape and relief channel for increased blood flow. It has a stiffer nylon injection base, denser padding and premium covers. We have to admit a soft-spot for those gunmetal carbon rails – the devil is always in the detail.

Hirzl, known for making awesome golfing gloves, now offer the GRIPPP Tour for riders. They’re phenomenal. Think relief to the right pressure points, breathability where it’s needed and amazing, amazing grip. This is thanks to the Kangaroo leather on the palms which ensure’s superior adhesion in both wet and dry conditions. In fact they’re even better when it rains. You’ll never go back, and for just $64 why would you get anything else.

Competitive Cyclist made this really informative video to help explain some of the key points behind Prologo saddle designs. Worth a look!

All said and done just remember to look after yourself. Comfort doesn’t have to come at a premium and it can be a game changer for many riders.

Lord Of Griffith 666

In and around Los Angeles on March 1st? Be sure to hit up the LOG666 for some extreme brakeless track bike action. “All bikes will be subject to brake check, so do not show up with calipers or any type of braking mechanisms on your track bike. Hoods are fine if you need that type of thing to climb with.” Facebook Event page HERE.

Get your hands on the Topeak Race Rocket

Arguably the best mini pump you will ever use, the Topeak Race Rocket is definitely something every rider needs. It’s small, compact, super light and totally does the job when you need to pump your tyres on the side of the road and hit 120psi. We’ve tried everything from Air Ace to Lezyne and the Race Rocket is in our opinion the best of the best. It even won a red dot design award! Totally badass, and under 50 bucks. They come in silver and black so the discerning designer can get what they want. Score!

Rider Profile: Summer

The world’s fastest growing fixed-gear scene is China. Don’t just believe us – look outside – the streets are full of fixed gear and single speed builds all year round. Even in the winter. Which brings us on to Summer, who has been riding with us quite a while now. Summer embodies another curious statistic about China: the percentage of girl riders is much higher here than anywhere else in the world too.

But that’s just another superlative stat. The most interesting aspect is the rider…

Name: Summer 三梦
Age: 23
Hometown: Shanghai
Profession: Music management at Mao Livehouse

Q: Tell us about your bike:

A: I ride a Panasonic NJS frame with Miche/Archetype wheelset, Miche/F5 Lattice crankset, Thomson seatpost and oval stem/bars. It is my third bike – I crashed my second and knew it was time to upgrade to something special. Pink is my color, it was love at first sight. I’m lucky, my friend laces wheels and we built the rest of the bike together.

Q: How did you get into cycling?
A: At university I had my own urban bike and used it across campus. Then my friends were starting to ride fixies and they were so cool I told myself “i have to try!”. After that I got a cheap bike and it stared there.

Q: What attracts you to the scene in shanghai?

A: Shanghai is a diverse city with lots of things to do. There are local cultures and international influences – and the street style of cycling is like a fusion of styles.

Q: Where do you like to ride?

A: Anywhere, everywhere. I ride every day from downtown to the suburbs.

Q: What other styles do you like?

A: Music. I love RNR and electronic… and some chinese classic oldies like Beyond & ZhangGuoRong

Q: Do you have any advice for other girls about cycling?

A: For me it’s all about riding and just very simple. The most important is — keep your passion, insist on getting active and enjoy it! I’ve made so many new friends from riding, the community is very strong.