F550s Custom: Luca

Such a beautiful combination of raw aluminum and satin black on this custom F550s frame. Complete with Mack Superlight hubs, H Plus Son Archetype rims, 3T drop bars, Omnilattice crankset, Thomson seatpost and stem plus a San Marco saddle. Catch Luca smashing around Shanghai on this 61cm gunner of a bike. Real bike pron right here!

Mission Workshop – In stock now!

We’ve re-upped on almost every single model of Mission Workshop bags and accessories. These bags are down right incredible. We’ve been rolling ours for years and can’t say enough good things about them. Lots in stock and ready to roll for the upcoming summer season. Browse online here or drop by if you’re interested in getting yourself one of the best bags in the world – fully waterproof with a lifetime guarantee!

[FOR SALE] 2nd Hand 61cm F5100 Custom

This pre-loved 61cm F5100 complete bike is in extremely good condition, with a completely new wheel-set and drivetrain. It’s a customized 61cm frame, suiting a taller rider. Second hand Factory Five builds don’t come around very often and larger sizes are even more rare. This is a very nice, lightweight build that has been cared for.

Total price is Â¥4,500 – available in the workshop, act fast if you’re interested.

New in store: F5 Team Cycling Kit

For the first time in Factory Five history we have the holy trifecta of riding wear. The F5 Team Riding kit includes Jersey, Bib Shorts and Cap in a complete ensemble. It almost brings a tear to our eyes to see the cohesion and let it tell the latest chapter in our story so far. Created with pride, this is no normal cycling outfit – every piece has been considered to the max…

China Classic: Double Top Cruiser

The king of all classic Chinese frames, the double top tube cruiser is one of the most iconic looking bicycles from the Asian kingdom. Completely rebuilt with flip flop hubs, deep dish rims, cruiser bars and BROOKS finishings, this bike is the best of both old school and new school. The 38c tyres give it that extra cushion while cruising over the battered Shanghai streets. Wicked ride!

Four Floors Down, Training Recap

Last night we snuck underground for training Four Floors Down. Deep below the Jing’an sky scrapers a group of fixed-gear riders configured their bar-setup, adjusted their cleats and anxiously prepared for a session of hard riding amongst the car-park columns.

It’s tight down here. By the time you’ve finished accelerating, you’re scrubbing speed to enter the next corner. Right after powering on, your eyes are scanning for the next apex. Down here the air is still and the lights bright, the only condition that changes is your skill. After a few laps we were shaving split-seconds; a degree here, a wafer-thinner line through the corner there – enough to test the floor’s keen grip and build confidence.

This time was all about personal incremental gains. The course is tough and the walls are tougher. Testing our mettle fully will require plenty of flying-hours. Then we will release the Kraken and ride two-up. For now it’s all about pushing the limits in unproven grounds. Want to join us on the next one? Give us a shout.

Photos by Marcin Urbaniak

Movie night Tonight

Come over to Factory Five tonight (Thursday 14th) and join us for a movie. We’ve got a great film lined up, cheap beer and free pizza courtesy of the awesome guys at Sherpa’s.

This Thursday’s Movie: The Flying Scotsman. [English with Chinese Subtitles]

Based on a true story, it follows the journey of unemployed and unfunded Graeme Obree as he builds a bike out of washing machine parts and tries to becoming the fastest cyclist in the history of the sport.

The movie starts at 20h00, let us know if you’re coming by shooting us an RSVP to shoutout@wearefactoryfive.com

Sign up for Criterium Training

Four Floors Down is a discovery of Shanghai’s disused spaces. We’ve rolled every square inch of this city and have been looking for more places to ride. Places off the beaten track, closed to the public, ripe for informal, impromptu racing. There’s one right under our noses in Jing’an. It’s an underground car-park with enough space to mark out a circuit. We’ve been slipping down there for a couple months to train… with a mind for something big.

Criterium races are short fixed-gear sprints around closed circuits. Four Floors Down is an F5 twist. We train through the columns in a tight, technical laps and push for shaving personal seconds with the right line. If you’re interested in challenging yourself in a different kind of discipline then join us at our next training session.

It’s tough, so you’ll need to in good form. Your bike must be fixed-gear with risers or bullhorns. For now we train with or without brakes. Helmets and gloves are mandatory. We’re taking it casual: the first sessions are training and individual time trails.

The next session will be tomorrow Wednesday 13th, meeting at 7:30pm at Factory Five. It will run until 9:30pm and we’ll grab food and drinks afterwards.

We have a limited number of 20 places. Pre-registration by email is essential to shoutout@wearefactoryfive.com.

[For Sale] Second Hand Pink Fixed Gear: ¥1,200 (sold)

This pre-loved anodized pink fixed gear bike is rather tidy. It is a 53cm frame, with deep red/silver rims and laid-back wide bars for street cruising. It is set up fixed-gear but the hub is flip-flop so can be converted to single speed if you like.

Complete and ready to ride away.

Price: ¥1,200

Interested? it’s available in the workshop right now – or give us a shoutout@wearefactoryfive.com

Team Caps now available

New for 2015, the Factory Five Team Cycling cap is an essential ingredient to any ride… if not an essential ingredient to any head.

Lightweight and with plenty of stretch it has enough flex to be one size fits all. It’s not often we see a cap which can accommodate the spread of trans-continental pates represented in the F5HQ office but this one fits the bill.

Which means we can all be proud to wear it at all times… rides, races, drinks, weddings, cross fit. You name it. We’re there.

It has the cyclist’s prerogative mini-peak for a balance of sun-deflection and visibility. It has the highly breathable weave for heat dispersion… and it has that Circle-5 logo which has kept us rolling for five years.

Click here to buy