Autumn Apparel SALE

With the winter season right around the corner we need to make room for our new F5 apparel collection. This means that all 2015 spring and summer stock is now 20% off, while supplies last. This includes jerseys and t-shirts. Sizing is extremely limited to act fast! All the apparel can be found HERE.

Autumn Apparel SALE

F5 Pista Element: Coterie

This little 48cm F5 Pista Silver Element build has been finished with all the classic fixings. High polish H Plus Son Archetype rims, our Pista groupset, high polish riser bars, BROOKS B17 saddle and matching bar tape plus a battery powered front head lamp. A great looking bike that will stand the test of time – catch it in Shanghai this summer!







The PACK at RHC Barcelona

The Red Hook Crit series is slowly becoming a household name for any bike lover and is undeniably a ‘must attend’ in the field of international track bike riding. Two members of Factory Five sponsored team, The PACK – Bruno Labelle and Antoine Fabry, flew to Barcelona just last week for the third edition of the RHC.


In their qualifying round they did extremely well. Antoine and Bruno placed 5th and 8th out of their group of 45 riders. Overall for the day that placed them at 97th and 107th out of 297 competitors. The cutoff number for the final race is 85 – Antoine was 0.88 seconds from this spot, and Bruno was 1.42 seconds away. The field gets incredibly tight around this area, but what it meant is that they were eligible for the ‘Last Chance Race’. The top 10 from this race move on to compete with the best in the field at the finale.



Unfortunately their average speed of 35.48 Km/h was just not enough to place in the top 10 of the Last Chance Race. Antoine finished 23rd and Bruno finished 22nd out of 61 riders. They were respectively 8 seconds and 9 seconds out of the top 10 spots. Despite not being able to race in the finale, the experience was incredibly positive. Being able to compete with the best in the world and finishing better than average is what keeps these guys going.

The season isn’t over yet – The PACK will be racing in the finale of the Toonie Crit Series in Montreal next week where the plan on sweeping the podium. For such a young team they’ve done very well and will only get stronger in the future. Great job guys, keep riding hard!


– Antoine Fabry 00: 01: 40.88 – GROUP6 – 5th / 45 – General 97th / 297 (missed spot 85 by 0.88sec)

– Bruno Labelle 00: 01: 41.55 – GROUP6 – 8th / 45 – General 107th / 297 (missed spot 85 by 1.42sec)

Last Chance Race (Top 10 advance to the final)

– Bruno Labelle 26:23 – 35,48km / h – 22nd / 61 (8sec to 10th place)

– Antoine Fabry 26:24 – 35,47km / h – 23rd/ 61 (9sec to 10th place)

– Manuel Nunez Cano – 26:12 – 35,74km / h – 1st / 61 (best time of the Last Chance Race)



F5 Pista Fully Flamed

This beautiful 54cm fully flamed F5Pista has been built for longer distance city commuting. Complete with bullhorn bars, gumwall tyres, our Pista Groupset and a front brake. If you’re interested in something similar then get in touch, we’ve just re-stocked on fully flamed framesets for the coming fall season.





Next Ride: Sun. 9/20


Join us this Sunday morning for a ride around this awesome city. We’ll be hooking up some of Shanghai’s finest routes for a whirlwind loop.

It all starts at 10h00 from Factory Five and the route will take us 3-4 or so hours. We’ll be back, if we ride fast enough, around 14h00.

The pace will be brisk, reaching 30-35kmph when possible. It’s open to fixed-gear, single-speeds and road bikes. Please wear a helmet. It’s unsupported too, so tools and spares are necessary in case of roadside repairs.

The next ride is this Sunday the 20th. If you’d like to join – essential that you sign up by RSVP here or shoot us a

[9/19] Tour de Bund

The Tour de Bund is back! Registration is closed, but if you enjoy some good heckling, you can swing on over to the Bund and cheer on the riders.


This year’s route covers an amateur 30km or more professional distance 50km. Expect a good sprint finish, which will be at The Peninsula Shanghai.


The Life Of A Shanghai Track Bike

Evolution is natural, especially when it comes to bicycles. For track riders (read: Fixed Gear Enthusiasts) this means the gradual change towards something entirely set up for city riding and a completely different animal for weekend rides and competitions. Chances are if you live in Shanghai and hopped onto the track bike craze within the last few years that you’re now looking for a way to change up your ride and get more life out of it in the long run. The speed machine you once started with maybe doesn’t gel with your current lifestyle, and instead of night riding and city slamming you just want to cruise.

How can I change the riding position on my bike? How can I convert what I’ve got into something made for cruising? Do I need to buy a whole new bike? At Factory Five we’re faced with questions like this every week, and the answers are usually quite straightforwards. Having been through this evolution ourselves we’re here to help convert your track bike (should you want to) into something you just might want to spend more time riding.

Pictured below is a track frame formerly used for criterium racing, alleycat competitions and has been ridden across China and back. Like all of our fixed gear framesets (F550, F550s, F5 Pista, F5 Stream) this custom Columbus Keirin Spirit frame has incredibly tight geometry and was designed purely for fixed gear riding. But, with just a few changes it has been converted into a single speed cruiser that’s perfect for Shanghai commuting. Here’s what you need to know:


1. Changing the riding position is easy.

If you’ve been riding drop bars or bullhorn bars (the Shanghai fixed gear rider’s bar of choice) then you might want to consider switching to something that will allow you to be a bit more upright. Riser bars, high tower riser bars, swept back bars like the Fyxation Alterra Cafe or Nitto Moustache bar or even big wing-bat cruiser bars will drastically change how you sit on your bike. The higher the bar rise, the more chance you have of achieving the ultimate ‘cruiser’ position – where you feel like you’re sitting in a chair. Grips can also be quite important depending on what style of bar you’re riding. The high polish drop bar looks great on fixed gear rides, but you’ll need to add something with a bit more cushion if you want your hands to take a bit of a break while cruising.


(Pictured above: Wing Bat Swept back Bar, 150RMB)

2. Adding cushion to your ride requires changing your tyres.

Tired of feeling every single bump in the road? This can be a great feeling depending on the riding occasion, but if cruising is the goal then you’re going to need something with a bit more air capacity. The standard 23c tyres used on track bikes can be swapped out for something like a 28c or even 32c tyre, depending on your frame clearance. Yes, these will be heavier by a few hundred grams, but you will notice a big difference in how your bike rolls over city surfaces. CST, Continental, Fyxation and Schwalbe all make quite a few models designed for this type of riding and will range from 50RMB to 450RMB per tyre. Some models are also kevlar reinforced so that you don’t have to worry about every single piece of litter might shred your tyre to pieces.


(Pictured above: Fyxation Sesson 28c tyre, 250RMB – this one is now 2 years old)

3. If your knees hurt, add a brake.

The love of riding a brakeless fixed gear bike is something that can only be expressed through that big ass smile on your face when you’re flying down city streets without a care in the world. The problem is that the older you get, the more likely it is that your knees might not be able to do all the braking for you. Don’t worry, a simple front brake solution can fix that. If you’ve got an undrilled front fork then mounts will be required to add a brake but it is doable. There’s no shame in riding with a brake, it is both safe and relieves unwanted stress from your knees (hey, everyone needs a ‘break’ now and then, right?).


(Pictured above: Dia Compe track brake mount, 700RMB)

4. You might want to consider switching to single speed.

 Most track hubs are threaded on one side for a lockring and cog, and on the other for a single speed freewheel. Yes, we love riding fixed just as much as the next guy but we can also appreciate the effortless pleasure of a single speed set up. Unbranded single speed freewheels start at 100RMB and will usually last for about a year. Brands like Token and White Industries make versions with better bearings and seals that will last more than 5 years. If you’re unsure about what to pick we’ve got everything in stock for you to compare first hand. Ultimately the feeling of riding fixed vs single speed is night and day, and for a lot of people might be the biggest change needed.


(Pictured above: White Industries freewheel, 720RMB)

5. Make sure your pedal set up is convenient and comfortable for all kinds of footwear.

One of the key factors for most commuters is what kind of footwear is going to be required. Carrying an extra set of shoes can sometimes be annoying, or you just might not have enough space in your bag. Sometimes steel toe cages can damage the tips of your shoes, and clipless pedals just feel weird when you’re not wearing your cycling shoes. An easy fix is to ride a pedal with a larger footprint (MKS Sylvan Track, Fyxation Gates, BMX, etc) coupled with a comfortable set of straps (YNOT, Restrap, etc). This will allow you to wear everything from dress shoes to flip flops without having to think about it.


(Pictured above: MKS Sylvan Track pedals with Restrap Horizontal straps, 520RMB for the full set up)

6. Having the right accessories will make commuting easier.

Lights, mud guards, racks; these are all things that you might want to consider if you’ve been thinking of converting your fixed gear bike into a commuting machine. It’s really going to depend on the environment you live in, when you plan to ride your bike and how far you need to travel. For a city like Shanghai there’s a good chance you’ll need something to protect your butt from the rain, and lights are a safety must for riding downtown. There are all kinds of brands that make things from integrated accessories to quick-release options depending on where your bike will be locked. Spend some time doing a bit of research on what might be best for you, or if you’re unsure just drop by the shop and we’re happy to help.


Once all’s said and done your bike is going to not only look different, but feel completely different too. With the right choices you’ll be able to get that second life out of a bike that you may have grown tired of riding. If you’re still unsure about what can be done to your bike then just shoot us an e-mail ( or roll through our Changhua Lu workshop and we can help point you in the right direction. Happy commuting!

Guest Workshop


We’re pleased to announce our first presenter in a series of Guest Workshops planned at F5, David Barrionuevo: How To Prepare For A Long Bike Trip. David is known worldwide for his expertise in long distance bike touring. Having toured across Scotland, ridden from Spain to China, toured across Japan and explored the outermost parts of China he is incredibly experienced when it comes to bike preparation.

David Barrionuevo

He has presented in Spain at the Cyclotouring Festival, appeared on Television and gives frequent presentations at schools in China about cycling culture. If you’ve ever had an interest in travelling with your bike then this is the guy you want to talk to.

David Barrionuevo 2

Thursday, September 17th David will be presenting his experiences of riding across China including videos from Mongolia, Tibet and Xinjiang. There will be a 30min Q&A session, with a total runtime of about 60 minutes for the night. If you’re interested in attending then please RSVP by e-mailing us at - a must attend for anyone thinking of doing longer rides!

Looking For A Discount? 40% OFF SALE ITEMS

It’s not uncommon to ask for a discount in China, in fact it happens on a regular basis here at F5HQ in Shanghai. We love being able to give back to the community and we try to run as many promotions as possible.

Just last week we were digging through our storage cupboards and came across some leftover stock that we thought was once long gone, and we’re putting it all on sale at 40% off so that the Shanghai community can benefit once again. You read that correctly, there’s some incredible deals going down right now. This includes, but is not limited to, components from Nitto, PAUL, Fyxation, Gran Compe, Thomson, H Plus Son and a few more. This is an ‘in store’ sale only and is until supplies last. There is now a dedicated display for all sale items, so the next time you’re on the hunt for a discount check out that part of the shop and get yourself a killer deal.




F5CX Aluminum

Another first for F5 is this aluminum CX complete bike – sized 53cm C-T and complete with a steel fork, painted in matte celeste green. We’ve set it up as 1×10 gearing with SRAM crankset, Shimano Deore MTB rear derailleur, Tektro cantilever brakes and H Plus Son rims laced to Novatec hubs. This is the kind of bike that’s great for mashing around town and getting away on the bumpy trails with your friends over the long weekend.

Currently priced at 7,000RMB and ready to roll out the door. If you’re interested then drop by the shop or shoot us an e-mail (

F5CXalu01 F5CXalu02