[10/16] SH-MGS-SH Ride


What 什么:

The idea is something in between a race and a Brevet/Audax – let’s call it a Gentleman’s Race. The race will be timed and you will know your final standing, but there will be no prizes. The emphasis is on finishing.

Riders will choose their own route to the single checkpoint: Moganshan mountain. The exact location of this checkpoint will be confirmed soon.




When 时候:

October 16th, midnight.

There will be a group start so arrive by 11:30pm for a quick pre-start briefing.



Where 在哪里:

Start: In front of Factory Five. (667 Changhua Rd near Anyuan Rd)

Finish: Factory Five inside the shop.




Who 谁:

The race is open to all, but you should be pretty confident you can complete the approximately 450km ride in under 24h.

There will be two categories of riders:

– Solo: You are by yourself. No drafting allowed, but helping other riders is fine.

– Pair: The same rules apply as a solo rider, but drafting and support are allowed between the members of the pair.

Riders will be required to provide proof of their ride: a selfie at the summit of Moganshan and a Strava recording of the ride. Again, more details to follow.






Requirements 要求:

– A bike: all kinds of bikes are welcome

– Lights: there will be a few hours of night riding, so best to have something to see by and be seen

– Helmet: yes you need this, kind of self-explanatory

– Strava or similar app: you will need a means of recording your ride, a phone or GPS that can run Strava and take pictures.






To Register 登记:

Please send an email to trees.nelson@gmail.com to register and if you have any questions.

And please attend the event on the Facebook page: https://www.facebook.com/events/1450341288629985/


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