[05/29] Group Ride

*Note – in the case of rain there will be no ride!*

Sunday, May 29th, we’re planning an early morning group ride from our shop to the Wusongkou Wharf in Baoshan and back. For those that have never been, the ride follows the Huangpu River North through some of the newly developed ports that now accept international cruises. It’s pretty cool.


The tentative route is just under 100Km from start to finish. Here are the short details you need to know:

When? Sunday, May 29, 2016

Start Time? 8:30am

Stat Location? Factory Five, 667 Changhua Lu

Distance? approx. 100Km

Average Speed? Depending on group, about 25-30Km/h

Interested in joining in on the ride? Then drop us a line at shoutout@wearefactoryfive.com and give us a heads up so we know how many riders to expect. Our estimated time of return to F5 is about 1pm, just in time for an afternoon well-deserved beer. Catch you then!


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All of our apparel can be found right HERE.


Racing Bikes in Tibet: Day 6


The second stage of the Basomtso Mountain Bike Race proved to be a monster of a day. We all knew it would be an uphill battle immediately from the start, but I don’t think we quite knew what to expect.

Screen Shot 2016-05-18 at 3.14.57 PM

We headed up a valley on a gravel road, splattered with deep tire tracks from the vehicles that normally move through the area. It was a straight up and back for the first 50kilometers of the race, which was great because you could see all of the groups that were riding that day. Doubling the distance of the previous day, the climb itself seemed endless but you were always aware that you were going to ride the same route back down. Being on a full suspension made the descent all the more fun. Screen-Shot-2016-05-18-at-3.17.40-PM


Prizes were awarded in four groups: mens, womens,  Tibetan mens and Tibetan womens. There was also a miscellaneous awards given to outstanding riders in the group. Our very own, Tyler Bowa, received a sportsmanship award for coming to the aid of others during the race. Tyler had helped a fallen rider and provide water and assistance to those that were struggling on the first day.

Morten placed the highest in the group. He didn’t podium, but placed in the top ten and ended up in the money.

Tibet-Day-6_04 Tibet-Day-6_03


Some of use didn’t survive the second day, after arriving at the finish a debilitating headache took over and I ended up trying to stay upright for the ceremony. Good thing we had an eight hour bus ride ahead to Lhasa to catch our flight back to Chengdu.


F5 Road Custom: Chris

We built this super sweet smooth welded aluminum custom road bike for Chris from MGT Engineering (you’ve probably seen him cruising Shanghai in one of his bamboo trikes). Complete with a Shimano 105 groupset, this bike boasts TRP Spyre disc brakes, a front Shutter Precision dynamo hub, carbon clincher rims and a killer paint job. With an oversized headset and full carbon fork all it’s waiting for is to take all of the local KOMs. If you like what you see then get in touch with us about something similar!







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Racing Bikes in Tibet: Day 5


Race day finally came. We started the day off with our usual congee, preserved vegetables, peanuts and boiled eggs. Larry and Jacob were kind enough to bring the coffee supply for the trip, so at least we could get our caffeine fix in before the race. By this time, we had all gotten a bit tired of the breakfast offerings and were zombie crushing carbs for the hours ahead. Expressionless faces stuffing steam buns and bland congee into our mouths. There are only so many different ways to liven up, essentially, boiled rice. We went through pre-race inspections and mounted the tags on our bikes. After an impromptu session of “Eye of The Tiger”, led out by RatRadRob (pictured below) we got into our randomly assigned starting positions and the race began with the fire of the gun.


F5_TibetDay5_03 F5_TibetDay5_07 F5_TibetDay5_06 F5_TibetDay5_05 F5_TibetDay5_04


The course led us 4km up a paved hill with a bit of dirt for the last bit along the lake. The 9km’s after that were single track with only a few passing points. There were often points of congestion and this part of the race definitely became the focal point of a lot of people’s frustrations for the day. A rider ahead of you has to acknowledge and give you permission to pass. This led to many pile ups on the uphill sections and if you were faster on descents, then you often had to waste momentum and feather the brakes, so as to not crash into the person ahead. The final 20km were on open dirt road, quite muddy and rocky from the previous days of rain. The race ended in the the next local town from Basongtso and was a slight uphill section. It was definitely a sloppy day, but we all finished in high spirits.








Our friend David, of 17Teeth (race shots done also by David), had organized a home cooked meal at the house he was staying at. So we quickly jumped on the opportunity to try some local home cooked dishes. Needless to say, the food was amazing. We ended the meal on a sweet note with some sugary yak butter tea and started our post meal stroll back into the main part of town. 









The lookout point in town had been refinished in the past year, so we got up to a gazebo type structure and watched the sunset. We actually couldn’t see the sun going past the mountains, but at the very end there were orange hues reflected on the snow capped mountains ahead. 



The next day would cover double the distance we had gone today, so we got some ice cream and headed off to bed.

Check out the Instagram tag #tibetandchill for more photos of the trip.

Racing Bikes in Tibet: Day 4

TibetDay4_01Day three ended with a mix up and day four was an absolute gift. While we thought we would be racing today, we were told there had been a mistake in the schedule. We actually had an entire extra day to adjust to the altitude and enjoy the country side. The mantra of the trip became, Tibet and chill and this followed us until the last day.

It had been dumping rain the entire night and we awoke to find full cloud coverage overhead with intermittent drizzling. Tyler was able to find the positive and he was thankful he didn’t have to apply sunscreen constantly throughout the day. The sun was incredibly strong in Pagsum Lake and most of us got a little burnt sometime during the first day in the sun.

We took the opportunity for the day off to acclimatize and explore a bit more. After circling the route for the first stage of the race, we headed to where the single track began and took the route going up instead after a suggestion from Morten and Rob.



The outline of the ridge made beautiful contrasts against the clouds. Stopping often to chat and partially because we were climbing even higher from 3500 meters. Reaching the end of the road, we quickly found ourselves following a livestock trail. Passing rules are a bit different out here. The majestic yak of Tibet get right of way. Though pretty docile, I didn’t want to get kicked or pierced by a yak horn.



Our friends Larry and Jacob (pictured above) hand make bamboo bicycles under their company, Source Cycles. They extended the invitation out to Tibet with them and we were more than stoked to ride out there. We had some fun ripping around the edge of the lake and took turns riding the bamboo hardtail. The bike handled well and the rear triangle provide a bit of natural suspension on the rougher stuff.




Having to get back for race orientation, we were unable to further the adventure. We headed back, slopping around in mud and yak poo the entire time. The sky opened up a bit and the snow capped peaks made their debut for the day. Luckily this was right as we were descending back to the town and we were able to capture the moment.






P.s. If you want to find more photos from the trip look on under the Instagram hashtag #tibetandchill